The Bellies

The Bellies (France, 2009, 16min) by the Greek-Belgian artists Philippe Grammaticopoulos.

Philippe Grammaticopoulos was born in Brussels (Belgium), where he studied Comic strip at Saint-Luc Institute. He also graduated at the digital animation school Supinfocom in Valenciennes (France). He worked as a drawer before becoming an animation film director. He publishes Comics strip, children books and drawings for newspaper like Le Monde. At the present time he lives and works in Paris. Filmography director : – 2000 « Le Processus », student animation film – 2004 « Le Régulateur », first animation film – 2007 « Signature », Amnesty International spot – 2009 « Les Ventres », second animation film.

Being important!

During studies we had a joke how designing toilets was the most important part of architectural project.

Amager Strandpark Bunkers by Hasløv & Kjærsgaard Arkitektfirma, Denmark, 2005

Aurland Look Out by Todd Saunders & Tommie Wilhelmsen, Norway, 2006

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osseous transformations

If everything goes for sculpting material why not bones? Ioana Iliesiu transforms the osseous tissue from the interior, playing with the DNA concept.

The morfogenic scenarios include  immigrants trying  to conceal their identities and construct new ones, self mutilation, transplanting heterotopic bone data and digital gluttony.