I (still) feel love

Giorgio Moroder‘s electro – disco anthem I feel love, time stretched by TelegenicX in a ketamine – high 44min version.
It is decelerated to about 800% and it still sounds great.
Via soundcheck. Link to video.

The Last Days of Disco II

Disco dome is a 70cm diameter outside-in mirror ball used as a faceted reflector. It was created in 2003 by Bertjan Pot. Check the 1m diameter 2012 version, here.

The Last Days of Disco

Street Chandelier by Austrian artist Werner Reiterer.
Via this Isn’t Happiness.

NY Currency

Currency design for New York City by Dave C Frankel.
When held to light, the security watermark is the city’s map in different scales, determined by the denomination of the bill. The bills also change in size according to value.
Check all bills here.