Lucid Stead

LucidStead_01LucidStead_03 LucidStead_05LucidStead_08 LucidStead_07 LucidStead_09LucidStead_06

Art installation by Phillip K. Smith III in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree in California.

This is a project ” about light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change.” (See the interview here)

All images courtesy of Phillip K. Smith, III; photographers: Steve King, Lance Gerber, Lou Mora

Lucid Stead from lou mora.

Check out as well the Reflection Field project originally commissioned as part of the Coachella Music&Arts festival 2014.

End of the World Cinema

deserted cinema 03 deserted cinema 01 deserted cinema 02

In the beginning was the Word… and maybe it had something to do with a cinema lying in the desert of Sinai.

Built at the beginnings of this millennium, this cinema was conceived by a Frenchman after wondering around in the desert and enjoying magic local smokes. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and the originality of the idea, the Frenchman went to Cairo and bought the original old seats and projection equipment from an old cinema. Everything was installed and was ready to go but the premiere was sabotaged since the locals did not share the enthusiasm of the foreigner. This was the beginning of the end of the world cinema…

… which then became the photography project of Kaupo Kikkas. For more info on the end of the world cinema see here. And take our friend Hercules as a guide.

crop circles / the next generation

Pictures of titanic structures in the middle of the Chinese desert via Google Maps (click on images for original satellite image). According to Wired Magazine the unidentified structures are probably military/science experiments, targeting or calibrating grid systems for Chinese spy satellites, or maybe QR codes for aliens! (boo!)
Check out more speculations on Reddit‘s original post.
Found here.

legendary dessert

Edible sculptures made of creme, sugar and fruit by Osamu Watanabe. Found here.


Brittlebush by designer Simón De Agüero is an experimental desert dwelling located @ Scottsdale, Arizona. It has an open-air living space with protective roof and walls for the sleeping area. More, here.