Lucy Jenkins

brutalis_02brutalis_03 brutalis_01 mortalis_02

Pieces from East London based Lucy Jenkins‘ collections Brutalis and Mortalis.


lost-at-lake  newyork-is-drowning tragedy-at-dawn a-point-of-light-in-the-dark-2 mission-accomplished
Disaster paintings by Oliver Jeffers (previously posted here).
Happy new year.

there is a war

cleon-peterson-solo-exhibition-539 cleon-peterson-solo-exhibition-541 large-cleonpeterson-thereisawar010large_cleonpeterson_thebrinksman013large_cleonpeterson_thebrinksman004large_cleonpeterson_thebrinksman014    large_cleonpeterson_thebrinksman019
Cleon Peterson‘s nightmarish tableaux feature scenes of urban violence, sex, torment and abuse.
His work is currently exhibited at the Outsiders, London.

Birdbox Studio, Wildebeest


Wildebeest from London animation house Birdbox Studio.

suspended in void

Spooky ex-votos (votive offerings to a saint or to a divinity) illustrating people that have miraculously survived the fall, due to Saint Mary that was present at the scene of the accident.
Check the full collection and more info in original post.
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Everything I Can See From Here


Short video directed by  Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim and/ for the Line Studio, that tells the story of two friends, their dog and an alien visitor..

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the day after you die

tumblr_m48zdhcQfN1rvglfco1_1280 tumblr_m48zdhcQfN1rvglfco2_1280tumblr_m48zdhcQfN1rvglfco3_1280
3 coffins by New York City-based artist Olaf Breuning (previously presented here) created with the help of specialized carpenters from Ghana.
Colorful fantasy coffins, which are as much sculptures as caskets, are a traditional feature of Ghanaian funeral culture.
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it sucks indeed

goldman sucks Political paste-up in Paris from an unknown artist inspired by Hokusai’s “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”. Via The Real Art of Street Art

Death of a Cyborg

‘Premier Deuil’ (The First Mourning) painted in 1888 by William Adolphe Bouguereau and remastered as  ‘Death of a Cyborg’ by Shorra for the 7th edition of RoboRen contest in 2010.

Death Songs

Imagine is a performance based project of Pedro Reyes that uses the universal medium of music to direct our attention to the madness of gun policies. The musicians participating in concert-like events are using musical instruments constructed by confiscated guns in order to denounce the production and trafficking of guns. In Mexico, where the artist and the guns are from,  the project makes the air heavy, as +60,000 drug-related deaths have occurred in the 6-year tenure of outgoing president Felipe Calderón, who notoriously declared “war on drugs”.

As Reyes said: “I wanted to liberate these objects from their demons rather than perpetuating their association to death. When the instruments are played, it is as if some sort of exorcism is performed on them, and the negativity they inherently posses turns into something positive.”

Read the whole interesting article of Domus here

from time to eternity

Illustration for Einstein Tomb  by Lebbeus Woods 1940-2012
“I’m not interested in living in a fantasy world … All my work is still meant to evoke real architectural spaces. But what interests me is what the world would be like if we were free of conventional limits. Maybe I can show what could happen if we lived by a different set of rules”  New York Times. August 25, 2008.

R.I.P. Mr Woods

Rot / Erica Luke

Stop motion film by UK artist and illustrator Erica Luke. Sound by Matthew Perryman

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