Donne / Francesco Chiacchio

Following mixed media artworks on fashion magazine covers created by Italian illustrator Francesco Chiacchio


Francesco Chiacchio donne 1 Francesco Chiacchio donne 2

Francesco Chiacchio donne 10

Francesco Chiacchio donne 13  Francesco Chiacchio donne 8

Francesco Chiacchio donne 14

Francesco Chiacchio donne 9

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nostalgia for a future that never happened

Bruce McCall @TED Talks, defining the aesthetics of retrofuturism, techno-archaeology, faux-nostalgia, hyperbolic overkill, and urban absurdism through his illustrations which depict old-fashioned versions of the future that never came.
Notice his interpretation of Eurotrash @8.07, where everyone’s wearing black and partying
(yeah, I whsh…)

Check some of his work here.
Via BoingBoing. Link to video.


The melancholic, sweaty and a bit demented sound of the 80ies that never stopped haunting us…
Original song and video by L.A. based musician, drag performer and inventor of the term “tranimalJer Ber Jones.
Jer Ber is currently working on her forthcoming album of covers entitled “The Berdache Look”.
Check out this amazing cover on Amy Winehouse’s “back to black”:

Here’s Jer Ber’s myspcace for more details and tunes.
Images via Omar Rodríguez-Rodríguez‘s photostream

all I want is your candy

Chloë Sevigny explores her masculine side and makes out with Terry Richardson as a clone of him, for the cover of Candy, an independent, limited edition magazine dedicated to celebrating all aspects of androgyny through art, fashion, glamour, icons, and fun.
Chech Candy’s latest viral below:

More on the photo shoot.
Link to Chloë & Terry’s video.
Link to Candy’s video.


Cover designed by Jennifer Carrow for “Against Happiness”, a book that questions America’s addiction to happiness while arguing the necessity of melancholy in our culture.
Found here.

lego cover art

More lego LP covers by savage^, here.

Αμάντο μίο

1948’s rumba Amado mio performed by Kakia Mendri (Κάκια Μένδρη). Original version’s music: Allan Roberts – Doris Fisher. Greek lyrics  Πωλ Μενεστρέλ.
link to video