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Megara Residence / TENSE Architecture


Triangular private house located in the western part of greater Athens, Megara, Greece, designed by Tense Architecture Network (TAN).

Winner of Häuser Award 2016, 3rd prize for best house in Europe.


tense-architecture-residence-in-megara 02






In plan, the residence is arranged within a triangle, whereas in section, it follows the natural inclination. Two open courtyards connected by an open-air corridor are opposed to two closed volumes (sleeping quarters next to the entrance, and the main living area) bridged with a glass-roofed ramp on the opposite side…(read more)


FU Space / Archi-Union











Fab Union Space, a non-profit arts and community center designed by Philip F. Yuan and Archi-Union Architects, located in the West Bund area in Shanghai.

The design, influenced by the 3,000-year-old art of Chinese garden architecture, filters light in diverse ways, underscores indoor-to-outdoor transitions and creates a sense of shifting perspectives and perceptions of scale in a relatively compact 368 sq m building.”

Photos Hao CHEN, Shengliang SU, via frameweb

Self-portrait (each one of us) / Yoan Capote

Yoan Capote, self-portrait 1

Yoan Capote, self-portrait 2

Yoan Capote, self-portrait 3

Self-portrait (each one of us), 250 kg in equilibrium, concrete and cast bronze sculpture, 175x50x50cm by Cuban artist Yoan Capote.

Nomentana Garden / MVVA

MVVA Nomentana house 1

The entrance and pathways of the Nomentana house on Horseshoe lake, Maine, US, designed by Manhattan based landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA)

MVVA Nomentana house 2

MVVA Nomentana house  4

MVVA Nomentana house 7

MVVA Nomentana house entrance 1

MVVA Nomentana house entrance

Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Nippon design- Ichihara museum 2

Outdoor / indoor direction signs created by Nippon Design Center for the Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Takataki Lake, Japan. The museum has been recently renovated by Japanese architects Yuko Kawaguchi and Jinyu Tei.


Nippon design- Ichihara museum int. signs

Nippon design- Ichihara museum door sign

Nippon design- Ichihara museum 3

Nippon design- Ichihara museum window

Nippon design- Ichihara museum signs dtl

Nippon design- Ichihara museum signs

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Linescio / Buchner Bründler

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 2

Swiss 200-year-old stacked stone house, gut renovated as vacation home by Buchner Bründler Architekten.

Photos by Ruedi Walti. Video by Luka Dogan.

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 15

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 3Β

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 3

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 5

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 8

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 9

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 7

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 6

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 10

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 16

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Cnest / Cubo architects

cubo design cnest 1

Architect Hitoshi Saruta of CUBO Design planned his own house in Kanagawa, Japan, as a floating birdhouse with a pointy delta-shaped roof, hanging from a big tree.

cubo design cnest 2

cubo design cnest 3

cubo design cnest 4

the birdhouse was fixed as if hooked on a block of RC, which was embedded into the ground. The cantilever with a 4m x 13m flat surface, which supports the floating birdhouse, is supported by an RC slab and narrow steel-frame branches

cubo design cnest 5

cubo design cnest 6

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