Dinosaurs / Shimoda Masakatsu

Dinosaurs made of stuffed white cotton by Japanese fabric artist Shimoda Masakatsu.

On design


Rei Kawakubo on her designs for Comme des Garçons. Image by Irving Penn, 1993

past + future


found @ Dover Street Market London’s Instagram, via dazed

Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer 2015

The amazing Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer 2015 catwalk from Premices films.

F-W ’14 / Comme des Garçons

Amazing floral details from the CDG  F/W 2013/2014 prêt-à-porter (!!) collection, an excercise in the Infinity of Tailoring as the master creator Rei Kawakubo called it.

For the last six multicolored outfits Ms. Kawakubo used the psychedelic patterns of  American artist Daniel Michiels.

Scroll down this post for designs, close ups and full défilé



comme_des_garcons_a.w. 2013 2014 detail2


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1980 – 2000

tumblr_mefye9Cx2c1rwk3iqo1_1280 comme-des-garcon-ad-2 136c1426_rad-ad-04-640x783comme-des-garcon-ad-5 8b2f4687_gl_4f1eeef0-36a0-463e-8bac-58210a02a2c2Commes Des Garcons print ads from the 80′s, 90′s & 2000′s. More here and here.

Dazed by Iris

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A Comme Des Garcons dress wearing lady G-Gaga, in Paris.   via

check the amazing CDG A/W 2012-13 here. +  WWT’s post on Rei Kawakubo there