Johnny Smith

Digital collage by LA based visual artist /actor  Johnny Smith








Reubens’ Satyr collage by Berlin based artist Patrick Bremer

Yoh Nagao

Humpbackwhale, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Collages made of fashion magazine and paint by Berlin-based Japanese artist Yoh Nagao


Hop, Step and Cat, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Hanamichi, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Lost and Found, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Untitled, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Heat Rumble, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Stranger than Mine 5, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Their days till today 2, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Smile / ALIAS


(Fake) Smile by German artist ALIAS at OpenWalls gallery

Caro Data VERmibus


Spanish artist and activist Vermibus exploring new techniques in order to further challenge the beauty standards and advertising on public space, with large scale digital prints of traditional paper collage scans – for his recent ad attacks in Berlin.


Rarities / Julio Falagan












Recycled old paintings found in street markets, modified by Spanish artist Julio Falagan


xmass collage artist Q-TA

by Japanese art director / collage artist Q-TA

Une promesse de papillon / Benoît Luisière

Benoit Luisiere promesse de papillon 1

Benoit Luisiere promesse de papillon 5

Benoit Luisiere promesse de papillon 2

Benoit Luisiere promesse de papillon 7

Benoit Luisiere promesse de papillon 3

Benoit Luisiere promesse de papillon 16

2Benoit Luisiere promesse de papillon 23

Benoit Luisiere promesse de papillon

All images from the series Une promesse de papillon by French photographer Benoit Luisiere

To Joy / Sebastian Bremer

Sebastian Bremer To-Joy-Virtues-Steep-Hill

Sebastian Bremer To-Joy-Gentle-Wing

Archival inkjet, hand painting and collage series by Dutch artist Sebastian Bremer.



Q-TA 2

Q-TA 5

Q-TA 8

Q-TA 1

Q-TA 10

Q-TA 11

Surrealistic illustrations by Japanese art director / collage artist Q-TA

Political portraits / Lola Dupre

Lola Dupre -David Cameron

David Cameron

Lola Dupre -Andreas Papandreou

Andreas Papandreou (commission)

Lola Dupre -Vile Vlad

Vile Vlad

Lola Dupre -Judge Griesa

Judge Griesa

Lola Dupre -Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres

Lola Dupre - H Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Lola Dupre -Sarkozy


Paper and scissors portraits by -one of WWT fav- collage artist and illustrator Lola Dupré

LO SE MON / Gabi Trinkaus

Gabi Trinkaus _humanafterall 01

Gabi Trinkaus _humanafterall 01 dtl

LO SE MON, urban lanscape collage -and detail- from glossy magazines, printed matter on canvas (220x190cm) by Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus.