Blank wall clock

A wall clock with a pen!  you can write, draw and erase it easily according to your perception of time and graphics,  from Spanish designer Martí Guixé, produced by  Alessi

Candle clock

from designer  Nathalie Dewez,  available at Bozar shop

via colossal

Horodron HD-02

Horodron HD-02 watch by Yanko Design‘s Jonathan Frey. It has three rows of LED lights: the top row has 12 sections representing the hours, the second row has five sections representing 10-minute intervals and the bottom row contains nine sections to represent minutes.


Klock-01 by Areaware.

wake up

Wake up pillow created by South Korean designer Seung Jun Jeong. It vibrates gently at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz. Found here.

Qlocktwo Clock

Qlocktwo Clock tells  time  in words, at five minute intervals.

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little time

clock designed by Rafael Morgan



“Equinox Clock” by Dutch industrial designer Bram Knaapen. Via.