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Zero impact - LEAPfactory

The amazing Gervasutti bivouac is a prefabricated high tech climber’s hostel, commissioned by CAI Torino -the Italian Alpine Club on Mt. Blanc, Italy- designed by LEAPfactory.

The hostel is named after the great Italian mountaineer Guisto Gervasutti and looks out over the same mountain range he was the first to conquer – the east face of the Grandes Jorasses – which he scaled in 1942.

Zero impact - LEAPfactory design

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The Gervasutti shelter is solar-powered and equipped with a unit to measure local conditions (self-diagnosis, weather conditions, web-cam, emergency rescue communication) connected with logistic and rescue headquarters. The shelter offers a sanitary module with a biological toilet, wooden bunk beds, living area with kitchenette and a breathtaking view above Freboudze glacier.

LEAPfactory 2

Zero impact - LEAPfactory 2

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Zero impact - LEAPfactory beds

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vitalyraskalovskywalking1vitalyraskalovskywalking9vitalyraskalovskywalking14 alexanderremnevskywalking7 alexanderremnevskywalking3 alexanderremnevskywalking15alexanderremnevskywalking10
Russian thrill-seeking photographers Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnev reach incredible altitudes without any proper safety equipment to capture some astounding visuals.
This sort of high-risk feat, now referred to as skywalking, appears to be a popular trend amongst Russian youths today.
Check some of their videos here. Found here.


Rope jewelleries by Fern Elizabeth influenced by climbing  technology. WWT saw them in flesh yesterday at Saint Martins Degree Show and we were sincerelly blown away!

And just a minor detail: The model in the pictures might be beautiful but the shots in overall are somehow concealing the pieces’  striking colours and formats, trust us, they look way more impressive!

extreme laddering

Pomparkour (aka Laddering) is an urban sport that uses specially designed ladders to move up and over buildings and other structures in creative and impressive ways. More info & tricks, here. Video found @ nerdcore.