Serpent dish / Bernard Palissy

Mid-16th century naturalistic earthenware with allegoric decoration of a coiled snake lurking in aquatic plants, by French Renaissance potter Bernard Palissy.

The Parisian Palissy workshop, excelled at casting from life leaves, shells and small animals such as snakes, lizards or insects, to create reliefs for his innovative rustic ware.

Found at V&A’s ceramic collection.

Three more B. Palissy earthenware from the same era

Studio Nicola Tassie




Hand-thrown domestic ware, made of limoge porcelain by UK ceramicist Nicola Tassie.

Jessica Stoller


Ceramic sculptures by Jessica Stoller

Frill_2 stoller_spread_01 stoller_stack_01 stoller_lick_01 bust frosting_1 garden_1_3 ghost_01 together hooded bust


Justin Nova disf 1

Justin Nova disf 2

From the Disfigurines series by American ceramist Justin Novak.

low fat low carb

Glazed ceramic ‘Alessandro’s Pizza’ by Tutto Tutto Bene. $250 or $30 per slice.
Found here.

kiss me lick me hug me

Ceramic pieces by Ronit Baranga.

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Cloud Form from ceramic artist Sam Chung

Tea Party

Escaping tableware by Ronit Baranga.


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