Pyramid General Cemetery for London


19th century designs for the construction of a pharaonic mausoleum upon Primrose Hill, in North London, proposed by Thomas Willson of the Pyramid General Cemetery Company; image from the book Necropolis: London and Its Dead, by Catharine Arnold. As the author describes:

 Constructed from brick, with granite facing, the plans comprised a chapel, office, quarters for the Keeper, Clerk, Sexton and Superintendent, four entrances and a central ventilation shaft. A series of sloping paths would allow bodies to be moved. Each catacomb took up to twenty-four coffins and could be sealed up after all interments had been completed. Resembling a beehive, it would be a thing of awe and wonder to all who saw it(…) At an estimated cost of £2,500, this massive mausoleum, higher than St. Paul’s, would contain five million Londoners.

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Vertical Necropolis / Annkit Kummar

Vertical Necropolis in Delhi  1 Vertical Necropolis in Delhi -2 Vertical Necropolis in Delhi -3 sky-necropolis-4


Proposal for a Vertical Necropolis in Delhi, India, designed by architect Annkit Kummar.

The project aim to provide a “substantial amount of ground space for the living and ..create a space where diverse groups can feel comfortable grieving together.”

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from time to eternity

Illustration for Einstein Tomb  by Lebbeus Woods 1940-2012
“I’m not interested in living in a fantasy world … All my work is still meant to evoke real architectural spaces. But what interests me is what the world would be like if we were free of conventional limits. Maybe I can show what could happen if we lived by a different set of rules”  New York Times. August 25, 2008.

R.I.P. Mr Woods

rest in duck

Ducks @the first cemetery of Athens, photographed by Spacie. Check his blog, here.

rest in style

Black granite tombstone for Factory Records founder Anthony H Wilson’s grave, collaboratively designed by Wilson’s long-term associates. Found here.

as you fade

Installation by Eric Larsson.