Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer 2015

The amazing Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer 2015 catwalk from Premices films.

Comme des Garçons FW’12/13

“the future is in two dimensions.” respect..

urban poor

“Mumbai is a magnet to Indians seeking a better life. But many who arrive dreaming of Bollywood end up in prostitution or organised crime. The city’s population has doubled in 25 years, with half living in slums. In some parts, 50,000 people are said to be crammed into each square kilometre.”

Boy catwalking on garbage @Mumbai’s landfill, photographed by flickr user Zishaan Latif.
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fuck your fascist beauty standards

Brilliant conceptual artist Yolanda Dominguez (previously presented here) sent normal women onto the streets and sidewalks of Madrid and asked them to strike the awkward, ridiculous fashion-model poses like the ones inside magazines, for the project called Poses“.
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surprise catwalk

The “surprise catwalk” stunt @Oslo’s fashion week by Fretex, a second hand clothing chain operated by the Salvation Army:
A realsize catwalk was installed outside the exit of a main Subway Station and the unsuspecting passengers were used as models, presenting what might be the future Fretex fashion; the clothes they are wearing today.
Found here.
Link to video, here.