Triumphal Arc

Baptiste Debombourg Triumphal Arc 1 Baptiste Debombourg Triumphal Arc 2

Di(s)posable cardboard monument by French sculptor Baptiste Debombourg, at the Archeological Museum/ l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Art, 2001 Paris.

Check here the Poor sculpture by street artist Sam3

50 km/h

[vimeo w=560&h=304]

Makeshift sunset with a piece of cardboard and a car by Dutch artist Helmut Smits, previously presented here and here.
Found here. Link to video.


Cardboard animal masks by Czech artist Jozef Mrva

Previously on paper masks:

Paper masks by Saul Steinberg

Dragon head by master maker Tanaka Satoshi


Mountable / dismountable table made from 15mm and 7mm cardboard, from the Gruff furniture set designed by Arno Mathies.



Modular display system made of hexagonal cardboard boxes designed by Li Naihan

Hall of columns

Cardboard columns installation by Zurich architect and programmer Michael Hansmeyer (@ Smallspace Gallery, Berlin -click to enlarge pix).

Michael Hansmeyer on the fabrication process: “A full-scale, 2.7-meter high variant of the columns is fabricated as a layered model using 1mm sheet. Each sheet is individually cut using a mill or laser. Sheets are stacked and held together by poles that run through a common core.”

Subdivided columns prototypes

via fastcodesign

Primer Asalto – Zaragoza

Cardboard installation for Asalto festival in Zaragoza, Spain, from street artist Boris Hoppek (pr. seen here)


Cardboard recreations of the sculptures “Face Fuck”  and “Two Faced Cunt”  by  Jake (Iakovos) & Dinos (Konstantinos) Chapman,  from the exhibition Shitrospective 2010 @ CFA Berlin.