Moment / Beller

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Moment, a candlestick with extinguisher by Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland.

Photos by Sjur Pollen

Frustrated Architects


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Architect? Yes. Frustrated? Definitely. You may not built one, but you can burn a lot of wax candle skyscrapers and calm down the pyromaniac impetus from this love-and-hate relationship… (or wait till the chocolate models come out)

“Flammable” is Jingjing Naihan Li‘s take on modern skyscrapers (+have a look at Li’s non-flammable projects and products)


A candle holder that keeps the flame of the burning candle always at the same level, .by Japanese designer Yuya Ushida.

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Speed Metal / Paul Loebach

paul loebach-Speed-Metal paul loebach-Speed-Metal2 paul loebach-Speed-Metal3

Bronze candlestick holder by American designer Paul Loebach

Big Black Beast

Chandelier with 39 candles made entirely from paraffin wax -which does not drip- by studio Glithero (aka British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gamere). Burning time: approx 10 hours.

Check out the creation process

via openhouse


Sketch-like functional cooper objects by British designer Maya Selwa.

via modern metropolis

You may like: the thin line furnitures   +   the thin blk racks   

Middle Finger Candle

Limited edition set of middle finger candles, by Brooklyn-based Japanese artist Nao Matsumoto.

via spoon & tamago



Candle holders and Tentacle Winestopper by Dellamorte (sculptors Michael Locascio and Jean St. Jean).