oh my cad!

Don’t drink and drive, and do not spend your day on cad design programs… otherwise some hallucinating experience might wait for you round the corner… eXistenZ for architects!

oh my cad_stathopoulos  oh my cad_05 oh my cad_04Oh my Cad! is a lighting installation by Beforelight at Filikis Eterias Street, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Plan to make love in an apple orchard

One of the most poetic and touching CAD plans ever drawn.

Never has a simpler CAD plan ( 2 x Insert Block + 1 x Array Object) told a better story.

It has been carefully kept for several years as a print-out, moving from one magazine folder to another. And now it has been scanned and posted. I cannot trace the author on-line. If someone can, please let know.