the plate

“The Plate” by Belgian duo Lucile Soufflet and Bernard Gigounon (previously presented here), located at La Louvière, Belgium.
Being a direct reference to the town’s ceramics manufactoring heritage, the huge broken plate can be seen as both an archeological artefact -an expression of the industry’s decline-, and as an incongruous surreal object.
Found here.

Self Portrait as Big World

Image from BOY O BOY, all rights reserved

Self Portrait as Big World by Julie Heffernan, 2008.
More of her work here. Found here.

mind your step

Mind your step is a street illusion in Stockholm at Sergels torg created by Erik Johansson.
More info on the project, here. Link to video.


“Body” installation by British designer Karen Ryan: Broken chair parts are arranged to look like skeletons of dead human bodies. Found here.