Vøringsfossen Waterfall Area / Carl -Viggo Hølmebakk

Vøringsfossen Waterfall 1

Stunning illustrations of the Vøringsfossen Waterfall rest area proposal by Carl -Viggo Hølmebakk architects, Norway, 2008.


C-V. Hølmebakk 01

C-V. Hølmebakk 02 C-V. Hølmebakk 06

C-V. Hølmebakk 04

C-V. Hølmebakk 07

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Festina Lente

Looping-Bridge01 Looping-Bridge04 Looping-Bridge05 Looping-Bridge06 Looping-Bridge02“Festina Lente” (meaning “make haste, slowly” in Latin) is a 38 meters bridge @the Miljacka river, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a central loop creating a shelter with two seats.
Designed by Adnan Alagic, Bojan Kanlic and Amila Hrustic.
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Amsterdam bridge V / Yaohua Wang

Basic CMYK

Basic CMYK

The design proposal of a robust, energy autonomous bridge, for the Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge competition, by Chinese architect Yaohua Wang. 

The structure consists of two paths that run parallel specifically for pedestrians and bicyclists. All pathways meet at a multi functional hub.


amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_02 amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_04



amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_09 amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_05 amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_06 amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_07    amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_11

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Find the Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix pedestrian bridge here

defy gravity II

French artist Olivier Grossetête used three enormous helium balloons to float a rope bridge over a lake in Tatton Park, UK.
Though visitors aren’t allowed to use the bridge, it would theoretically be strong enough to hold the weight of a person, according to Grossetête.
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Bridge Paris / Atelier Zündel Cristea

Inflatable trampoline bridge in Paris, by the French Atelier Zündel Cristea.

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Moses bridge by RO&AD Architecten @Halsteren, Netherlands. The bridge allows access to Fort de Roovere, a 17th century fortress surrounded by a moat. It can’t be seen from a distance because the water comes all the way up to its edge. When you get closer, the fortress opens up to you through a narrow trench. You can then walk up to its gates like Moses on the water.
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The Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix Bridge / Sanzpont arquitectura

A self-sustainable bridge that responds to its use, designed by Sanzpont [arquitectura], Sergio Sanz Pont and Victor Sanz Pont, winners of  the  “Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge”  the latest DesignByMany challenge. Read more here

pedestrian footbridge proposal / LEA Invent

LEA Invent‘s  winning  proposal for the Pedestrian Footbridge Design Competition in Fatih Vatan Street, Istanbul

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