DNA house / BLAF Architects

BLAF Architecten 10-0412-DNA 1

BLAF Architecten 10-0412-DNA 2

BLAF Architecten 10-0412-DNA 3

BLAF Architecten 10-0412-DNA 4

BLAF Architecten 10-0412-DNA 5

BLAF Architecten 10-0412-DNA  6

DNA, a cross shaped private house made of re-used bricks, located in Asse, Belgium, designed by BLAF Architecten.

Photos by Stijn Bollaert – via i love belgium

Astley Castle / Witherford Watson Mann Architects

the Astley Castle renovation  13


A high end guest house build into an abandon medieval ex-royal castle in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. Designed by Witherford Watson Mann Architects for the Landmark Trust.

Astley is a unified site of great complexity and resonance: moated castle, gateway and vestigial curtain walls, lake, church and the ghost of pleasure gardens all combine in a picturesque landscape of great power.  The Astley Castle can accommodate 8 people. You may book here.


the Astley Castle renovation  1

the Astley Castle renovation  2

the Astley Castle renovation  3

the Astley Castle renovation  4

the Astley Castle renovation  5

the Astley Castle renovation  6

the Astley Castle renovation  7

the Astley Castle renovation  8

the Astley Castle renovation 9

the Astley Castle renovation  11

the Astley Castle renovation  10

the Astley Castle renovation  9

the Astley Castle renovation  12



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the Million Donkey hotel  
the Waterhouse hotel

Architectural Ride / Atelier Zündel Cristea

Zündel Cristea Battersea Power Station 2

A proposal to turn the abandoned Battersea Power Station in South West London into a museum and amusement park, from the French Atelier Zündel Cristea (AZN), winners of the ArchTriumph competition Museum of Architecture, 2013.

Zündel Cristea Battersea Power Station 5 Zündel Cristea Battersea Power Station 4

Zündel Cristea Battersea Power Station 3

Zündel Cristea Battersea Power Station 9

Zündel Cristea Battersea Power Station 0

Zündel Cristea Battersea Power Station 1

The 80-year old decommissioned building is located on the south banks of the river Thames surrounded by a mix of residential, industrial, office typologies and a nearby train station and park.
Built between 1930 and 1955, the victorian style design is an excellent example of original art deco interiors, constructed with steel frames and brick cladding and four concrete smoke stacks towering 103 meters above the ground; the coal-based electrical energy producing factory will be converted
into a venue for the exhibition of architecture from the middle ages to the contemporary age.

AZN on project’s concept : Our created pathway links together a number of spaces for discovery: the square in front of the museum, clearings, footpaths outside and above and inside, footpaths traversing courtyards and exhibition rooms. The angles and perspectives created by the rail’s pathway, through the movement within and outside of the structure, place visitors in a position where they can perceive simultaneously the container and its contents, the work and nature.

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frozen rainbow

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DIY rainbow igloo created with paper cartons filled with colored water that, when frozen, turned into translucent bricks. Check full article and construction pics here.
Link to youtube video.

Charter Oak

Rain activated mural on a brick wall of an abandoned synagogue, in Hartford, Connecticut, designed by sculptor Adam Nilewicz. The enormous design of the famous Charter Oak, a painting by Charles DeWolf Brownell, appears when the wall becomes wet from the rain -or a sprinkler system- and disappears once dry.

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Poroscape / Chung Young Han

Brick + concrete + glass facade designed by Korean architect Chung Young Han of studio Archiholi, for a retail space in Seoul.

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deBrick / Tzeny Gorantonaki

Bricks w/various chromatic and opacity qualities, made from non-recyclable debris, recycled PET, dust, silicone leaves and purple bacteria. The selected phototrophic bacteria can also produce energy through photosynthesis. A project on the reuse of building materials created by Tzeny Gorantonaki, John Apostolopoulos, Anna Neratzouli and Ioanna Thanou, architecture students @ Technical University of Crete.  Find more here.

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Industrial Atrium

An interesting solution for this almost windowless atrium space. Double height ceiling , inovative table layout, industrial simplicity, exposed brick covered with metal mesh grates, concrete, reclaimed wood from a Tribeca building and a gigantic ficus, certainly do the job.

Tartinery Nolita Bistro in Manhattan designed by by Michel Abboud of SOMA Architects Via