Wine bottle torch


A great way to recycle glass bottles and instructions on how to make this here

end of ketchup

LiquiGlide, developed by a team at MIT’s Varanasi Research Group, is a surface coating for bottles’ interiors that lets ketchup or mayonnaise flow like water. The research came in second in MIT’s $100K Entrepreneurship Challenge, and is almost certainly destined for a bottle near you.
Found here. Link to video.


Cuore by 22 y.o. designer Liviana Osti is a pair of glass carafes shaping a human heart when joined together.
Found here.


“Ecohols” by JØRN: eco-friendly project where alcoholic spirits are packed in beverage cartons instead of bottles.
Found here.

something wicked this way comes

Scent Stories by Polish design studio Ah&Oh: Perfume packaging concept for Men’s fragrance inspired by the dark literature of some of the most famous writers ever. Found here.


Tuned Pale Ale is a product that explores the musical affordances in everyday objects and promotes social spontaneity: Beer drinkers can make  music with the help of the marked graphic on the bottle that tells what notes can be played at certain level of liquids, the ridges on the side that can be played with the cap like a Güiro and the beer holder that, when turned upside down, can be used as a tongue drum that produces six different tones. Ta-da!