Narcissus / Borondo

Borondo Narcissus 2

Borondo Narcissus London

Borondo Narcissus 3

Borondo‘s 2014 mural in East London, titled Narcissus. Check out the following time-lapse featuring Borondo creating Narcissus, video by Fabian Caputo.

INATTESA art at the bus stop / Borondo

borondo GAETA.Memorie Urbane Festival 1

borondo GAETA.Memorie Urbane Festival 2

borondo GAETA.Memorie Urbane Festival 3

Bus stop in Gaeta, Italy, with a vitrail created by artist Borondo, his contribution for the project INATTESA – art at the bus stop, curated by Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival 2013.

Check out this video about INATTESA project

Shame intervention / Borondo

borondo shame athens

borondo shame k44

borondo shame athens k44

Series of vitraux titled Shame, on the facade of Club K44, located in Athens, Greece, by Spanish street artist Borondo.

Artist previously feat. here.

Isterofimia / Borondo

Borondo_mural Borondo_mural 2

Borondo_isterofimia 1o Borondo_isterofimia 1i Borondo_isterofimia 1y

Borondo_isterofimia 5b

Borondo_isterofimia 5d

Works of Spanish street artist Borondo from his solo exhibition Isterofimia, Gallery 999 Contemporary Rome 2012.

Photos by Simone Coletta