There Is A Rainbow

Kent Rogowski Everything I Wish-ThereIsARainbow

There Is A Rainbow, from Everything I Wish I Could Be series, by Brooklyn based artist Kent Rogowski (prv. feat. here)

mastering procrastination

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A career guide written in 1949 by William Reilly.
It’s actually a motivational book using the theme of “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” and (unfortunately) does not urge people to give up working.
More info on the book here. Found here. Order here.

Le Miracle de Théophile

Color lithographs Illustrations from the original edition of the book Le Miracle de Théophile (Monaco 1945)  by painter Paul Charlemagne.


via livres en liberte


Bookville is the installation created by the students of the Postgraduate Course “El espacio expositivo” for the book fair Món Llibre, in CCCB, Barcelona (2009).  The design sought to reconcile  kids and books in a domestic ambient.

Altering the past

Brian Dettmer alters physical forms of information and shifts preconceived functions uncovering different possibilities for his cultural archaeological explorations. A wicked mix of vintage i.e. encyclopaedias,  Tina Turner’s Private Dancer and illustrated Bible…