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Jared Clark uses his face to prop up magic markers and let them bleed onto the paper. A rather unusual concept, that he regularly performs live during his exhibitions.
Found here.

my vagina is awsome

“Matt is wearing a necklace made from menstrual blood ice cubes. I made the ice cubes from my menstrual blood.

I have a Mooncup (also called a Keeper). You should Google it, and get one, as they will save you heapo money & are excellent.

I took these photos because I thought it would be funny, and because I do not find stuff disgusting because it came out of my vagina. My vagina is awesome.”

Said and Done by Sarah, aka snaggle tooth.

WWT’s Fashion Tip: Not an ideal combination with your white linen shirt


Sangre Menstrual

Performance of the Spanish Group Sangre Menstrual at the streets of Madrid in support of their “Manifesto for the Visibility of the Period “. The manifesto is against the tyranny of hiding a physiological function of the female body, of treating the bleeding body as sick, unwell and disgusting and all the taboos further reinforced by religion and society (following the guidelines set religion) .

By visualising the period Sangre Menstrual visualise the body as a political space. Well done girls!

Visit this link for the whole performance documentation. Pictures taken from bicharraca’s photostream in flickr.

it’s cruel, it’s unnecessary, it’s art!

“White” is a first person shooter game featuring chubby little creatures that bleed and burst into beautiful splatter paint over a white canvas, creating a painting. The players are encouraged to share their works of art through the official game site.You can download the game here, for free.
Link to video, here.