Pernice morta / Jan Baptist Weenix

Jan Weenix

Painting of a dead partridge hanging from a nail, made in 1650 by Dutch artist Jan Baptist Weenix (b1621–d1660?) (source)

The Nest Quilt / Carrie Bloomston

carrie-bloomston-nest detail


The Nest Quilt created by Carrie Bloomston of SUCH designs, found at quilt inspiration blog

Dead Games / Jan Weenix

Jan Weenix, Dead Birds and Hunting EquipmentDead Birds and Hunting Equipment in a Landscape (source)


Jan_Weenix 3

Jan_Weenix 2Un singe et un chien près de gibier mort, dtl01

Jan_Weenix 8Dead swan (source 1, 2)

Jan_Weenix Monkey and dog beside dead game and fruit (source)

Jan_Weenix The White PeacockThe White Peacock (source)

Jan_Weenix-Falconer's-Bag,-1695-dtlFalconer’s Bag detail

Still lifes and dead games by Dutch painter Jan Weenix  or Joannis Wenix (b 1639, 1643– d 1719), known for his hunting scenes.


Wounderland / Arkiv Vilmansa

Wounderland  Arkiv Vilmansa

Colorful creatures from the Wounderland sequel by Indonesian illustrator and toy designer Arkiv Vilmansa

Wounderland  Arkiv Vilmansa 1

Wounderland  Arkiv Vilmansa 2

Wounderland  Arkiv Vilmansa 5

Wounderland  Arkiv Vilmansa 3




hairywire Nina Leen

From the August 23, 1943, issue of LIFE and a story about Amateur VS. Professional Ways of Achieving a Summer Coiffure (!). Photo by Nina Leen

Rebird Vase / Toer

Rebird Vase toer

Single flower vase by designers Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven of the Dutch studio Toer.

Previously: Spring lamp by Toer


Birdhouses from Catalan architect Aleix Antillach


Transparent Monument

Installation by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang at the roof garden of Metropolitan museum of art, New York, Usa (2006).

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