Protect me from what I want / Jenny Holzer

1983, the legendary billboard in Times Square, NY, “Protect me from what I want” by American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer, from the Survival Series.

Deconstruction / Lilyan Aloma

Lilyan Aloma 7dec

Lilyan Aloma 3dec

Lilyan Aloma 5dec

Lilyan Aloma 9dec

Lilyan Aloma 4dec

Lilyan Aloma 6dec

Deconstruction series by New York based street photographer Lilyan Aloma.

sunrise will be televised


Virtual sunrise televised on giant LED screan in the smog filled Beijing, China, January 2014. Read story here


Advertisment synopsis

poster dalston

Billboard in East London, picture by WWT

Toro de Osborne / Sam3


Osborne bull from the Canonicity Show by urban artist Sam3 at Pretty Portal gallery.

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something like that..

More ad disruption by Mobstr. The artist is previously featured here and here.

You can also check a public dialogue between Mobster and the authorities there

The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible*

* Mark Twain, 1835 -1910

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bacterial billboards / Liam Young

Architect Liam Young‘s proposal in the creation of bacterial billboards “squirrel-like living screens that would crawl through and inhabit the city. They would nest in trees like LED ornaments and spring up whenever there’s news (or advertisements) to display.” Read more here..

Bioluminescent bacterial billboard, a “living neon sign composed of millions of bacterial cells that periodically fluoresce in unison like blinking light bulbs.” made by scientists at UC San Diego.

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