Caro Data VERmibus


Spanish artist and activist Vermibus exploring new techniques in order to further challenge the beauty standards and advertising on public space, with large scale digital prints of traditional paper collage scans – for his recent ad attacks in Berlin.


Poster Boy II

lord of flies poster boyLord of Flies – shitty loans attract the flies

black friday poster boyBlack Friday – Buy nothing today

Army of One-too-many poster boyArmy of One-too-many

I'm Vomin It-  poster boyI’m Vomin’ It

revis - poster boyREVI’S – now available in the matrix

More brilliant attacks from NY based street artist Poster Boy.

Dissolving Europe / Vermibus

Vermibus Dissolving Europe 01


Vermibus 77


Vermibus Dissolving Europe 02

Vermibus 12

Vermibus 1

Vermibus 09

Vermibus 02

Vermibus 02b


Vermibus 2


Vermibus 002

Vermibus 03

Vermibus 01

Selection of images from the series of advertisement brush attacks that hit Europe this year, by Berlin based artist Vermibus.

Checkout process in the following video


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Advertisment synopsis

poster dalston

Billboard in East London, picture by WWT

something like that..

More ad disruption by Mobstr. The artist is previously featured here and here.

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Lessons in Advertising Vol.1

A new billboard ad disruption from street artist Mobstr in London

via street art news

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Double Billboard Happiness

Architect Didier Faustino created a swing set out of a converted advertising billboard for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture.

Kolotoč / Merry-Go-Round performance  by Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý, Jan Šimánek  and Vladimír Turner on a rotating billboard in Prague. Check the making-of and the performance..

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via colossal + rebel art

Merry Christmas and a happy new debt

Xmas –billboard -card from street artist/ billboard attacker Eyesaw  a perfect match for WWT’s fav  christmas tree, no?

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