Caro Data VERmibus


Spanish artist and activist Vermibus exploring new techniques in order to further challenge the beauty standards and advertising on public space, with large scale digital prints of traditional paper collage scans – for his recent ad attacks in Berlin.


Isabel Seliger’s drawings

Isabel Seliger 08

Isabel Seliger

Isabel Seliger drusg 2

Isabel Seliger 04



Isabel Seliger drusg

Isabel Seliger 09

Isabel Seliger 25

Illustrations by Berlin based visual artist Isabel Seliger

The Humping Pact: Berlin Tv Tower

If you are stimulated by the terrain vague, dysfunctional places, or the Berlin TV Tower, then build an intimate relationship and explore the creative potential of these environments…

The Humping Pact is a suspended act of meditation on the nature of dissemination, the will to conquer, and the illusions of grandeur.

A project of Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin – Link to the video

A closer look and a peephole to their missions

Looking forward to get it on “Frankfurt”… More Coming… soon

style before talent

Dj set by Jan Blomqvist & Ryan Mathiesen uploaded by Berlin record label and booking agency Stil vor Talent.

Space / Yael Herold

“Space” an inflatable cave shelter installation that moves like a living organism, by Berlin based artist Yael Herold


Tape designs by Berlin-based urban intervention collective Stiftung Freizeit (aka Rubén Jódar and Inés Aubert)


Tomas Saraceno‘s interactive installation Cloud Cities @the Hamburger Bahnof, Berlin, consists of twenty clear bubbles of varying sizes being suspended at different heights.
Viewers can interact with all of the bubbles: you can choose to climb on top of them or go inside.
Within each orb is a different organic material like water or plant life.
Found here. More pictures here.

M 1939

IMDB’s 58th Best Movie Of All Time: “M” by Fritz Lang in full length & HD.
Nothing but the best for your Sunday late morning hangover.
Link to video. More full length movies, here.