Bed of Mao / Marc Riboud

Marc Riboud bed of mao

Yunnan, 1965. Bed of Mao, image by French photographer Marc Riboud (previously seen here).

What a gorgeous mosquito net!


Mobile metal frame seating furniture (indoor/ outdoor) designed by Tamás Bozsik

Full Moon Odyssey

Floor Circle mattress / pillow  by Korean designer Lily Suh & Zoono of i³Lab.


Bed / playground titled ” Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas ” a furniture prototype (4.50m diameter)  by O*GE Creative Group, aka architects Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr

via design milk

on bedrooms

James Mollison4

James Mollison5

James Mollison6

James Mollison10

James Mollison11

“Where Children Sleep” by English-born photographer James Mollison is a photo series of children’s bedrooms around the world. Found here.


“wear to bed” photo-shoot by Paul Mpagi Sepuya for disMagazine.

wake up

Wake up pillow created by South Korean designer Seung Jun Jeong. It vibrates gently at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz. Found here.

thin lines

Armchair by Stephan Schultz (via)

chairs by Nendo (via)

table by Jason Phillips

Antilope chair by Ernest Race (via)

bed by mobile metallico

Open box shelves + box light by Ron Gilad