Abstract Saturn


Two of Saturn’s moons  Mimas (right) and Dion ( left)


MImas , Pandora and Saturn

Mimas and Pandora orbit Saturn, image taken in visible light


Saturn rings

Saturn’s rings and shadows taken in visible light



Dione crosses Saturn’s rings


Saturn and moons Enceladus and Janus

Moons Enceladus (left) and Janus hover above the rings of Saturn


Saturn's moons Prometheus and Daphnis

Saturn’s moons Prometheus sculpting the F ring while Daphnis (too small to discern in this image) raises waves on the edges of the Keeler gap

More @ NASA’s Cassini Solstice Mission

Full Moon in Earth’s Shadow


A beautiful image of the recent brief lunar eclipse, taken by Rolf Wahl Olsen from his observatory in Auckland, New Zealand. This was the shortest total lunar eclipse of the century, as the total phase of April 4, 2015 lasted less than 5 minutes.

Read more here. Link to full resolution image here

crown of loops

Using a gradient filter on imagery captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, scientist were able to enhance places of contrast around the sun, making its explosive plasma loops not only more stunning, but also easier to study.
These huge arcs of solar material, which are constrained by magnetic fields, can swirl slowly on the edge of the sun for hours, sometimes even days.
More info here. Link to video.

MyCn18 is watching

Hubble telescope snapshot of MyCn18, a young planetary nebula that has an hourglass shape with an intricate pattern of “etchings” in its walls.
A planetary nebula is the glowing relic of a dying, Sun-like star.
Found here.

TRON 2012

Star Trail Photographs from International Space Station by NASA astronaut Don Pettit.
Found here. More pictures here and here.

1 photo – 200.000 galaxies

“ESO’s VISTA telescope has created the widest deep view of the sky ever made using infrared light. This new picture of an unremarkable patch of sky comes from the UltraVISTA survey and reveals more than 200 000 galaxies”

via null entropy

moon 3d

The 3-D Moon Map by Jeffrey Ambroziak is a dazzling digital or paper copy of the Moon made from NASA’s recently released elevation data. The image above is a section of that full map.
Check out this cool article on how to create a custom pair of 3d glasses, which can be done in a pinch with just a CD jewel box and some markers.
Via wired.

Greek Sky Panorama

360 degree panoramas of the  Greek Sky  created from series of  photos,   by astronomer  and creative photographer  Chris Kotsiopoulos.