Soul of Science / Daniel Martin Diaz

Soul of Science by Daniel Martin Diaz 1  Soul of Science by Daniel Martin Diaz 3

Soul of Science by Daniel Martin Diaz 2

Drawings from Soul of Science, a book on the mysteries of scientific diagrams, secrets of symbols and their everlasting effect, by Mexican artist Daniel Martin Diaz.

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Vanitas / Fernado Vicente

Vanitas Fernando Vanitas 1 Vanitas Fernando Vanitas 3

Vanitas Fernando Vanitas 2 Vanitas Fernando Vanitas 5

Vanitas Fernando Vanitas 7

Vanitas series by Spanish illustrator Fernando Vicente.


Body/machine by Vicente

Self-Dissections by Danny Quirk

the skin I live in

Anatomical drawings by Argentinean artist Juan Gatti, primarily known for his fashion photography and and his graphic design for Pedro Almodovar’s films.
More of his drawings here. Found here.



A2 ink illustration by UK artist Megan Pearce

my body is a battlefield

Mid 15th century Wound Man, an illustration offering valuable advice on how to remove swords from a patient’s torso and extremities.
Check more info and illustrations in original article.

Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe

One of the exhibits of ‘Who am I?’, a permanent display at London’s Science Museum dedicated to genetics, identity and brain science.
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study of musculature

“technique used to learn visable surfaoce anatomy of musculature” by UK illustrator and digital artist Stuart Morris


Muscles leggings

Adequate “wear me” reply to Anatomical Self Dissection


These must have (if you ask me) leggings are designed by Australian brand Black Milk. Check out their web-site for more designs –