HUB flat / Ch + QS arquitectos

HUB Churtichaga Quadra-Salcedo 1

A fifties flat in Madrid transformed to allow easy communication in a shared workspace, by puncturing a virtual cone and two spheres on the walls. Designed by Churtichaga Quadra-Salcedo architects, developed with Sketchup and inspired from Gordon Matta Clark’s artworks.

HUB Churtichaga Quadra-Salcedo

CHURTICHAGA+QUADRA-SALCEDO arquitectos . The HUB flat . Madrid (5)

HUB Churtichaga Quadra-Salcedo 2

HUB Churtichaga Quadra-Salcedo  3

HUB Churtichaga Quadra-Salcedo  4dtl

images by photographer Elena Almagro

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everything is a perspective

Thomas Quinn perspective 1

Thomas Quinn perspective 3

Anamorphic typography installation at the Chicago Design Museum, by American graphic designer Thomas Quinn.

a matter of perspective IV

a0x550b0x550 c0x550

Anamorphic sculptures by London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz (previously presented here).
Links to videos 1 & 2.

Space painting / Joseph Giovannini

Giovannini Associates 3

Giovannini Associates 1 Giovannini Associates 2 Giovannini Associates 10 Giovannini Associates 11 Giovannini Associates 13 Giovannini Associates 16

Space paintings in LA lofts lofts all created by architect Joseph Giovannini of Giovannini Associates.

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a matter of perspective III


The Hurwitz Singularity
and The Thinker @Tower 42 (aka the co-founder) are two anamorphic sculptures by London based artist Jonty Hurwitz.

Like him here. Links to videos 1 & 2.


suspended rope sculpture by artist Moneyless

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Hotel Shanghai / llot llov

Emergency exit @ Hotel Shanghai night club designed by llot llov

Anamorphic projections #3

More of Rub Kandy‘s work @ his blog Rubinetto.

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