Critical +

Selection of objects from the first collection of Critical + design, a webshop/ platform launched  in Amsterdam by the two jewellers Annika Pettersson (SE) and Adam Grinovich (US) in collaboration with product designer Charles Mathis (US).

Critical + Molotov Cocktail

Critical + Molotov Cocktail 2the Molotov Cocktail oil lamp made of beer bottle, may be used for other purposes if need be.


Critical + Designer Bong

Critical + Designer Bong 2

Critical + Designer Bong 3Designer Bong, a discrete ceramic water pipe with removable glass slide


Critical + Skull Ashtray

Critical + Skull Ashtray 2

Critical + Skull Ashtray 3
Skull Ashtray, stainless steel, leather, human skull.

on pleasures

illusion is the first of all pleasures

Neon quote from the 1756 rare edition of La Pucelle d’Orléans (The Maid of Orleans), a satirical poem about Jeanne d’Arc by Voltaire.

The photo is from Amsterdam, via clique chique.

The Well Polished Floor

Ger Van Elk, The Well Polished Floor Sculpture, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam , 2010.

via i’m revolting

ZIP Amsterdam

A temporary street stool/ installation inspired by the famous amsterdammertjes and the dutch bike’s culture, by Jihyun David design studio. The seats are made from classic Dutch bike saddles and constructed on the bollards with a solid piece of metal w/a footrest attached to the bottom.

moving fast

Station Amsterdam Bijlmer Aren A, from Bas Lammers‘ Flickr photostream

Origin of the Beginning

Forthcoming solo exhibition of Levi Van Veluw at Ron Mandos Amsterdam.

Bo Reudler

19th century bathroom @Amsterdam renovated by Bo Reudler Studio. Found here.

bunker 599 / RAAAF


Bunker 599 project from Rietveld landscape

“Bunker 599 unconventionally questions the Dutch policy on monuments, and at the same time makes people look at their surroundings in a new way. The project lays bare two secrets of the New Dutch Waterline (NDW), a military line of defence in use from 1815 until 1940 protecting the cities of Muiden, Utrecht, Vreeswijk and Gorinchem by means of intentional flooding.”