abandoned property II

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 5

Abandoned old cycladic property with a small tidy chapel surrounded by group of ruins and opuntias, spotted on a glorious October day in Mykonos island, Greece.

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 1

abandoned property Mykonos wwt 2


abandoned property Mykonos wwt 3

abandoned property Mykonos church



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End of the World Cinema

deserted cinema 03 deserted cinema 01 deserted cinema 02

In the beginning was the Word… and maybe it had something to do with a cinema lying in the desert of Sinai.

Built at the beginnings of this millennium, this cinema was conceived by a Frenchman after wondering around in the desert and enjoying magic local smokes. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and the originality of the idea, the Frenchman went to Cairo and bought the original old seats and projection equipment from an old cinema. Everything was installed and was ready to go but the premiere was sabotaged since the locals did not share the enthusiasm of the foreigner. This was the beginning of the end of the world cinema…

… which then became the photography project of Kaupo Kikkas. For more info on the end of the world cinema see here. And take our friend Hercules as a guide.

Abandoned apartment 1942

Madame de Florian was a French socialite and actress who fled to the south of France during World War II. She kept her apartment in Paris on the Right Bank near the Opéra Garnier, though, in case she wanted to return. However, she never went back to it after the war. Since 1942, the apartment has been sitting untouched, until recently when an auctioneer entered her apartment. What he found was a time capsule, full of treasures.

The apartment was covered in dust, perfectly preserved. All of the furniture from the time period remained just how she left it. It looks as if she was just there yesterday. The home is not open to the public and is still owned by her estate. Inside, a painting by Giovanni Boldini was found, a portrait of the apartment’s owner herself Madame de Florian. The painting was sold for 2.1 million euros and the rest of the items inside of the apartment would be worth thousands as well.

The apartment was able to remain abandoned and untouched because Madame de Florian continued paying the rent until her death in 2010 at the age of 91. Despite paying the rent, she never returned.


Paradise Parking / Peter Lippmann

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_17

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_16

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_08

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_18

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_11

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_15

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_13

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_01

Peter Lippmann, ParadiseParking_12

Paradise Parking, from the personal work of American photographer Peter Lippmann

the downward spiral

he couldn’t believe how easy it was
he put the gun into his face
(so much blood from such a tiny little hole)

problems have solutions
a lifetime of fucking things up fixed in one determined flash

everything’s blue
in this world
the deepest shade of mushroom blue
all fuzzy
spilling out of my head

(Nine Inch Nails, 1994)

spiral 1

spiral 4


On decay and abandonment: a Russian Missile factory,  a theater in Chicago, the House of the Communist Party in Bulgaria, a power plant in Ultrecht  and a dreamland in Japan  are going down the downward spiral.

Listen to the downward spiral here.

Images via the Idialist.

Forget Your Past

Buzludha, by architect Guéorguy Stoilov, is Bulgaria’s largest ideological monument to Communism: A 70 metre tall 1970′s ‘flying saucer’ perched precariously in the snow on a ridge at 1500m. It is full of communist mosaic frescos and a central atrium complete with giant golden hammer and sickle.
It took 6000 workers 7 years to build.
Photographed by Timothy Allen.
More pictures here. Found here.

Yellow River / Zhang Kechun


Series of photos from the project Yellow River by China based artist Zhang Kechun.



lego haunted

Abandoned Victorian houses made from lego bricks by flickr user Mike Doyle (under the username !snap!)
Found here.