Salvaged negatives / Thomas Sauvin

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-2

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-08

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-07

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-09

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-1

Salvaged negatives reworked by Beijing based, French photography collector and editor Thomas Sauvin.

Here’s The Testicles


The cover of Bollox To The Gonads – Here’s The Testicles, 1984, from Pax records, is just perfect for today’s anniversary.

steel and body

charles ray 85y

charles ray 85

charles ray 85i

charles ray 85n charles ray 85o charles ray 87charles ray 85s

Body sculptures / performance by California artist Charles Ray, 1985.

the gorilla in you

Konkey Dong flash game is a variation of classic arcade game Donkey Kong, but in this case the villant is you. Help the giant gorilla repel all men before they reach the girl. Collect barrels and let them roll down on their heads by pressing space bar.
Play the game here. Found here.

Homage to Grace / Jean Paul Goude


By photographer, illustrator, director and Grace Jones’ pygmalion, Jean-Paul Goude.

Les Rita Mitsouko / Robert Doisneau

Les Rita Mitsouko

The 80’s French duo Les Rita Mitsouko (aka the amazing singer / musician / dancer / porn actress Catherine Ringer and the guitarist Fred Chichin). Photographer Robert Doisneau, Paris, 1988, from his 100th Birthday- 50 unreleased pix. (via)