Snow White And The Six Punks

Snow White And The Six Punks

Vintage top designed by Malcolm McClaren + Vivienne Westwood, found at Seditionaries.

Run from Fear, Fun from Rear / Bruce Nauman

Bruce Nauman, Run from Fear, Fun from Rear, 1972

American artist Bruce Nauman, Run from Fear, Fun from Rear neon / glass installation, 1972

how they met..

Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias dancing- B52’s Rock Lobster- in Fiorucci windows, NYC, 1979.

via Diane Pernet

First Gay Pride March

Marchers and police at the first official gay pride march held in London, 1st July 1972. Found at the LSE Library’s Photostream.

Black Power

An epic picture showing that even a banal event, fully harnessed to advertisement, consumerism and capitalism- can serve as platform of emancipation. The pictures shows Tommy Smith and John Carlos raising their fists in a Black Power signal , showing support for Muhammed Ali’s anti-Vietnam war stance, against poverty and lynching . Let the Olympic Games begin!

I know what you did last summer IV

Daniel Libeskind, Detroit, 1970s. From the Local History Collections ©Wayne State University


70’s gay erotica needlepoint pillows by Maria E. Piñeres, a Colombia-born American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.
She is represented by DCKT Contemporary in New York City and Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles.
Found here.

McDonald’s Dinnertimin’

1976 McDonald’s Ad Targeting African Americans, posted at buzzfeed a week ago, was – not surprisingly – followed by a flood of opinions on its political correctness. Huffingtonpost could not just stay off, neither do we. More than capitalizing on the issue offering a pretentious analysis, we prefer wasting time at this pool of images, and a “political correct” ad from the 1970s. Cheers…