Timo Lenzen

sommer_ausgabe_ Timo Lenzen

Sundown poster for the Neuer Kunstverein Giessen


dream_ Timo Lenzen

Cover design for DREAM 3 by Max Richter for Secret 7 project


neighborhood_ Timo Lenzen

Shape Blank Poster for The North Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture


lucid_dreaming_ Timo Lenzen

Poster for Lucid Dreaming Records


stay_ Timo Lenzen

Poster for the event STAY at Robert Johnson

Posters and cover design by German graphic designer Timo Lenzen

3D characters / Ojofrito

Ojofrito yes

Spanish Citizen Exemplary

Ojofrito tvTv tongues

Ojofrito punki


Ojofrito developer

The Developer

Ojofrito father son brain

Father and Son Square Brain

Ojofrito dracula


Sado Woy Woman, Mary Poppens Woy and Frankenstein

Ojofrito ultra blood

Ultra Blood

Ojofrito baba

Juanito Baba

Ojofrito Nuchito Cannibal Fuck Face

Nuchito Cannibal F**k Face in the war of the brains square

Digital 3D characters created by Ojofrito aka Spanish illustrator and toy designer Raul Real.

Atheer smart glasses

Atheer smart glasses
A vision of augmented reality and wearable future technology, through the new 3D, gesture-based glasses, launched by tech company Atheer Labs. Weighing only 75grams, the Atheer glasses offer HD display (1024×768) and precise hand interaction.

The Atheer glasses will be available in 2014, preorder Atheer One +  the Atheer Developer Kit -w/pocket-sized computer to power Android apps- at indiegogo

Atheer smart glasses 2

Read more at cnet


A live performance that uses projection-mapping onto moving surfaces breaking the boundaries of real and digital space. All content was captured on camera!

production by design and engineering studio Bot & Dolly 

Love 3D / Chris LaBrooy

Chris LaBrooy love_3d_type  Chris LaBrooy love_3d_type2

Chris LaBrooy love_3d_type1

3D type design by UK based illustrator Chris LaBrooy.

Pablo Valbuena

Site-specific light sculptures by Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena.

previously: changing light installations byChris Fraser

charcoal chairs

Chairs # 2,3,4+5, three-dimensional drawings (charcoal on paper) by Australian artist Trudy Moore.

3D (kind of)

3D it! is a script that turns every website into 3d (well, kind of)… It is a bit buggy, but it offers some serious 3D waist of time on any website, by one single click.
How to: go to 3D it! and drag the button with the cursor (left column) to your bookmarks toolbar. Then, just click it while watching any site.
Created by Edan Kwan.
Found here.