Shining360 / Claire Hentschker

Shining360, a scary virtual reality map of Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining is the latest work of Pittsburgh-based visual artist Claire Hentschker.

Employing a process called ‘photogrammetry,’ the entirety of the film is broken down into still frames, and three dimensional models are extracted from individual scenes by computing depth from the series of images. The resulting 3D fragments of spaces are explored in 360 degrees along the film’s original camera path. The audio is the result of stretching and manipulating sections the film’s original score (via).

Rain mural

Eduardo Souto de Moura Paula Rego museumExterior view of the Paula Rego Museum in Cascais, after a storm. The diagonal, board-formed concrete facade causes the rain to dry in a distinct tree-like pattern, mimicking the nearby plantings. Designed by Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura

Image by photographer Pedro Kok, via subtilitas

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OLED light fixture from Aerelight

The ultra slim Aerelight, an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) desk lamp, with built-in Qi wireless charging pad, touch control and dimmer. Developed by Toronto-based OTI Lumionics.

Check out the Aerelight launch video

Chaise Nicolle

Jerome Lepert nicolle chair

The timeless mid 1930’s Nicolle chair and stool designed by French craftsman Jérôme Lepert and manufactured from the company of Paul Henry Nicolle. Originally designed as a robust, ergonomic and stackable seat for industry workers, Nicolle became very popular during the 1950’s French factories and workshops.


These days the range is still in production by Nicolle company and they claim to apply the same steel stamping and welding techniques, as were used for the original. The iconic whale tail backrest is always removable and the seats available in 4 heights. New addition is an optional leather seat pad (last image). Comes galvanized or in any RAL color.

nicolle chair


Jerome Lepert nicolle chair parts

Jerome Lepert nicolle chair detail


all images from Nicolle, except vintage stool thumbs


Linescio / Buchner Bründler

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 2

Swiss 200-year-old stacked stone house, gut renovated as vacation home by Buchner Bründler Architekten.

Photos by Ruedi Walti. Video by Luka Dogan.

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 15

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 3Β

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 3

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 5

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 8

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 9

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 7

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 6

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 10

Buchner Bründler Architekten  LINESIO 16

via openhouse+ treehugger

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Animal lamps / Tom Sachs

Sachs u look lamp detail

Three lamps made of scavenged objects by American sculptor Tom Sachs, from artist’s 2008 solo exhibition Animals, at Sperone-Westwater Gallery, NY.

#1 U Look lamp, #2 Ashtray Lion and #3 Tiger lamp.

tom Sachs u look lamp

Ashtray Lion Tom Sachs


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Timekeeper / Pierre Huyghe

Timekeeper 1999 Pierre Huyghe

Installation view of a hole revealing wall painting of successive exhibition layers, titled Timekeeper, site specific at the Viennese Secession, created in 1999 by French artist Pierre Huyghe (prev. feat. here).

check out artist’s current exhibition at Centre Georges Pompidou.

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sempre viva

marria callas

When Maria was leaving Christina to sing at Covent Garden in London, where people had slept outside for five nights to get tickets, as she was leaving the Christina in the Mediterranean to fly back to London, he said to her:  why do you bother to sing? I’ve got plenty of money.. (Robert Sutherland’s interview here)

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Composting Shed / Groves Raines Architects

Groves Raines Architects, Composting Shed 0

Groves Raines Architects, rebar Composting Shed 1

Groves Raines Architects, Composting Shed dtl

Groves Raines Architects, Composting Shed 2

Groves Raines Architects, rebar Composting Shed

Composting shed / garden store made of wooven rebars and Corten steel by Groves Raines Architects at  Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh 2010.

photos by Dan Farrar

Kempart Loft / Dethier Architectures

Dethier Kempart Loft 9b

The Kempart loft in Liège, designed by Belgian studio Dethier Architectures.

The aluminum pod placed in the middle of the apartment (formerly an industrial-scale bakery) contains two bathrooms, a toilet, the heating and ventilation equipment and storage space. It also acts as a break, with the living room on one side (with a TV built neatly into the pod), and the bedroom on the other.

Photo by Serge Brison

Dethier Kempart Loft 7b

Dethier Kempart Loft 1b

Dethier Kempart Loft 2bDethier Kempart Loft 3

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Untitled / Marlo Pascual


Folded vintage photo by artist Marlo Pascual at Saatchi Gallery’s Out of Focus exhibition.

Green Box / Act Romegialli Architects

Act Romegialli Architects green box 01

A small disused garage renovated by Act Romegialli Architects. as an accessory to a weekend house, situated on the slopes of the Raethian Alp.

A structure realized with lightweight metal galvanized profiles and steel wires wraps the existent volume and transforms it into a tridimensional support for the climbing vegetation.
Inside the Green box are organized a room for the gardening tools, great passion of the owner,an area for coking and a space for conviviality.

Photos by Marcello Mariana

Act Romegialli Architects green box 11

Act Romegialli Architects green box 04

Act Romegialli Architects green box 07

Act Romegialli Architects green box 08

Act Romegialli Architects green box 25

Act Romegialli Architects green box 05

Act Romegialli Architects green box 17

Act Romegialli Architects green box 12

Act Romegialli Architects green box 18

Act Romegialli Architects green box 02bis

Act Romegialli Architects green box 00

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