By London based – Irish artist SubDude

Pinterest HQ / IwamotoScott – Brereton

The interiors of the new four story Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco, created by design architects Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott in collaboration with Brereton architects

Photography by Bruce Damonte

Shadows / Alex Senna


Shadow murals from Brazilian artist Alex Senna






Tirpitz bunker / BIG architects

A 2.800m2 “invisible museum” to be created at a historic German WWII bunker in Denmark, by BIG architects

Commissioned by Museum Center Blåvand the new experimental cultural complex will be embedded into the dune landscape and integrate a bunker museum, an amber museum, a “histolarium” and a special exhibitions gallery within a single structure.


Upon arrival, visitors will first see the bunker until they approach through the heath-lined pathways and find the walls cut into the dunes from all sides and descend to meet in a central clearing. The courtyard allows access into the four underground gallery spaces that have an abundance of daylight even though they are literally carved into the sand.











Cold House






Projects and visualization by Cold House


Reubens’ Satyr collage by Berlin based artist Patrick Bremer

Trick or Treat / Wilson Hennessy


Masks photographed through a pane of Straight Reed Obscured Glass, from the project Trick or Treat by UK based -Australian artist Wilson Hennessy  






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Make everything great again

Make everything great again, made by the chef of Keule Ruke restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania

Yoh Nagao

Humpbackwhale, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

Collages made of fashion magazine and paint by Berlin-based Japanese artist Yoh Nagao


Hop, Step and Cat, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Hanamichi, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Lost and Found, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Untitled, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Heat Rumble, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Stranger than Mine 5, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint


Their days till today 2, collage, acrylic, marker, ballpoint

The Emperor´s New Clothes

Accessories made of antique small pieces and human prosthetics, from the made to dislike Feeas series by Spanish designer Remedios Vincent.

Beautifully photographed by Pablo Martínez Muñiz , in collaboration with graphic designer Hector Orruño










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” Beyond the edge of the world there’s a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap, where past and future form a continuous, endless loop. And, hovering about, there are signs no one has ever read, chords no one has ever heard. ”

Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

ADVAITA / Petros Koublis

“Everything is a flow, a constant one, coherent, continuous, perfect. A stream that never remains the same, yet so complete that it never changes. It is a space that expands under our perception, throughout the world, imperceptible and vast, continuous and indefinite.”

From the new series titled ADVAITA,  by Greek photographer Petros Koublis







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