Moto Waganari









Transparent network-sculptures made of polyamide and wire, with the use of a 3d printer and gifs (following) by German artist Moto Waganari aka Lutz Wagner.

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And A And Be And Not / Camilla Richter

camilla richter 1

And A And Be And Not 01

A foldable paravent titled And A And Be And Not, made of dichroic glass segments by German designer Camilla Richter

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Charles Verschuuren



07-Charles-Verschuuren-poster 19-Charles-Verschuuren-poster


Various posters from the 20’s + 30’s by Dutch-American illustrator / painter Charles Verschuuren (1891–1955)

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Untitled / Ruth Asawa

ruth asawa 2

ruth asawa 3

Untitled, copper, iron, and galvanized steel crocheted wire sculptures (1955) from Japanese American artist Ruth Asawa. (images taken at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, CA via + via)

Tegendraads / Wies Preijde

Woven room by Wies Preijde 1 Woven room by Wies Preijde 6

Woven room by Wies Preijde 2 Woven room by Wies Preijde 4

Woven room by Wies Preijde 5 Woven room by Wies Preijde 7


Room installation consisting of various hand-woven walls created by textile designer Wies Preijde.

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the Attendant coffee shop

cafe Attendant 00

cafe Attendant 17

the attendant_london 1

cafe Attendant 10


cafe Attendant 07

cafe Attendant 19

previous condition (click to enlarge)

522706_577259255619995_514356979_n 541646_577259158953338_2083916426_n 555416_577259238953330_1792260187_n

A former underground victorian toilet in central London, transformed by Peter Tomlinson and Ben Russell to the Attendant coffee shop. The space, disused since the 80s, was industrially cleaned and converted (making sure to keep all the original metro tiles, urinals and the black and white floor) to house a tiny coffee shop

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the big picture


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