Fairytale / Sophia Foster-Dimino


Animated image by San Francisco based illustrator Sophia Foster-Dimino

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Moonlight / Yang Yongliang

Yang Yongliang moonlight 1 Yang Yongliang moonlight 2 Yang Yongliang moonlight 3 Yang Yongliang moonlight 4 Yang Yongliang moonlight 5

Series of LED light boxes titled Moonlight by Chinese artist Yang Yongliang.

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Propeller Shelves / Piet Houtenbos

Piet Houtenbos a3

Piet Houtenbos a2

Piet Houtenbos a1

Wall mounted shelf / console made of mahogany and steel, designed by NY based designer Piet Houtenbos.

Column / OS and OOS studio

Cabinet / secretaire by OS and OOS sudio, designers Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen. The Column has two parts: a cabinet made of cedar wood and a marble pedestal.

Mimic bench / studio h220430


The Mimic bench designs by Satoshi Itasaka from Japanese studio h220430

Takeshi Miyakawa




Takeshi Miyakawa 8 Takeshi Miyakawa 7

Zero Shift – mdf table /bench

Takeshi Miyakawa 5


Takeshi Miyakawa 4

Affordable Housing – plywood cabinet


Wedge – plywood table

Takeshi Miyakawa 88f copy

Takeshi Miyakawa 88b

14+1 – plywood shelving system


Takeshi Miyakawa 1

Infinity – oak /steel rod chair

Takeshi Miyakawa 2

Gang of four – plywood book shelves


Works of Brooklyn-based furniture designer Takeshi Miyakawa

Moto Waganari









Transparent network-sculptures made of polyamide and wire, with the use of a 3d printer and gifs (following) by German artist Moto Waganari aka Lutz Wagner.

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