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One More Chelsea



In The Wave #4



Disco #1003



Falling Light



Night Paris





All images are works of Beijing based artist Chen Wei

Alive / SpY


Text based work that comes Alive when calm descends by street artist SpY in Stavanger, Norway, for Nuart Festival 2016.

City Lights / Wing Ka Ho


Light trails of stars passing over Hong Kong’s tightly packed streets by photographer Wing Ka Ho. Found at RGO‘s Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 competition, winning on category People and Space (via).

Urbanscapes / David McConochie

David McConochie - Wilderness 1

David McConochie - A letter from Calcutta

David McConochie - Canal Bank Collage Series 1a

David McConochie - Canal Bank Collage Series 1b

David McConochie - Canal Bank Collage Series 1c

David McConochie - Stratford Centre

David McConochie - Regents Canal by Bow

David McConochie - Wilderness 2

Mixed media illustrations by London -based artist David McConochie, via ArtMarket.

night lights

lights 2


night lights from mellow staff’s flickr page

Stoa Emporon


The lifeless ground floor galleria of the Merchants Fund building, located in the commercial center of Athens, Greece. Built during the World War II and designed by Greek architects Leonidas Bonis and Emmanuel Lazaridis (Image credit).

LO SE MON / Gabi Trinkaus

Gabi Trinkaus _humanafterall 01

Gabi Trinkaus _humanafterall 01 dtl

LO SE MON, urban lanscape collage -and detail- from glossy magazines, printed matter on canvas (220x190cm) by Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus.

Rain mural

Eduardo Souto de Moura Paula Rego museumExterior view of the Paula Rego Museum in Cascais, after a storm. The diagonal, board-formed concrete facade causes the rain to dry in a distinct tree-like pattern, mimicking the nearby plantings. Designed by Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura

Image by photographer Pedro Kok, via subtilitas

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