World Destroyed by Water / Gustave Dore

Wood engraved illustration of the World Destroyed by Water (Genesis 7:24 ) created by French artist Gustave Doré for a deluxe edition of the Bible de Tours, circa 1866.

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The Iconic Mr. Bar

Cover for Courrier International (France) about ISIS, AL Qaeda & Charlie Hebdo


Selection of illustrations and video ad from London based production & creative management agency Dutch Uncle aka artist / illustrator Noma Bar


Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, illustration for Empire


Cover for The Handmaid’s Tale (book by Margaret Atwood), winner of ABCD’s SCI-FI/Fantasy category, 2018


RIP Stephen Hawking illustration


Pointed Sense


Love is the Drug


The Shy Guy


Journey to the heart, illustration and direction for the film series of NewYork Presbyterian meant to increase understanding of new therapies


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Time Wasting Experiment / Alyson Provax

Time Wasting Experiment on letterpress paper, by Portland based artist Alyson Provax

Timo Lenzen

sommer_ausgabe_ Timo Lenzen

Sundown poster for the Neuer Kunstverein Giessen


dream_ Timo Lenzen

Cover design for DREAM 3 by Max Richter for Secret 7 project


neighborhood_ Timo Lenzen

Shape Blank Poster for The North Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture


lucid_dreaming_ Timo Lenzen

Poster for Lucid Dreaming Records


stay_ Timo Lenzen

Poster for the event STAY at Robert Johnson

Posters and cover design by German graphic designer Timo Lenzen

A Wild Swan / Yuko Shimizu







Series of  black and white illustrations created by artist Yuko Shimizu, for the book A Wild Swan by author Michael Cunningham

1984 Instruction Manual

Orwells 1984 Instruction Manual

Poster found here

Life is a Killer / John Giorno

John Giorno - Life is a killer

By American poet and performance artist John Giorno.