By street artist Carrie Reichardt for Nuart festival, 2017, Norway.


By London based – Irish artist SubDude

Shadows / Alex Senna


Shadow murals from Brazilian artist Alex Senna






Make everything great again

Make everything great again, made by the chef of Keule Ruke restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania

With the coming of spring

Waiting for spring in Montevideo, Uruguay by artist David de la Mano, in collaboration with Fulvio Carpuso

❤ VS $

Street art in London, artist unknown

Smile / ALIAS


(Fake) Smile by German artist ALIAS at OpenWalls gallery

Caro Data VERmibus


Spanish artist and activist Vermibus exploring new techniques in order to further challenge the beauty standards and advertising on public space, with large scale digital prints of traditional paper collage scans – for his recent ad attacks in Berlin.