Make everything great again

Make everything great again, made by the chef of Keule Ruke restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania

Caro Data VERmibus


Spanish artist and activist Vermibus exploring new techniques in order to further challenge the beauty standards and advertising on public space, with large scale digital prints of traditional paper collage scans – for his recent ad attacks in Berlin.



La Calma / David de la Mano





La Calma (the Calm) mural in Florida, US by Spanish artist David de la Mano in collaboration with Pablo S. Herrero 

Alive / SpY


Text based work that comes Alive when calm descends by street artist SpY in Stavanger, Norway, for Nuart Festival 2016.

Technicolor Ooze / Jen Stark

jen stark mural Technicolor Ooze 1

jen stark mural Technicolor Ooze 2

jen stark mural Technicolor Ooze 3

Technicolor Ooze, a new drippy mural in Culver City by artist Jen Stark.

Poster Boy II

lord of flies poster boyLord of Flies – shitty loans attract the flies

black friday poster boyBlack Friday – Buy nothing today

Army of One-too-many poster boyArmy of One-too-many

I'm Vomin It-  poster boyI’m Vomin’ It

revis - poster boyREVI’S – now available in the matrix

More brilliant attacks from NY based street artist Poster Boy.

Portrait of a Generation / JR

Portrait of a Generation -JR-Tate

From the project 28 Millimeters, Portrait of a Generation by photographer / artist JR, at Tate Modern, London.
via unurth

Narcissus / Borondo

Borondo Narcissus 2

Borondo Narcissus London

Borondo Narcissus 3

Borondo‘s 2014 mural in East London, titled Narcissus. Check out the following time-lapse featuring Borondo creating Narcissus, video by Fabian Caputo.

Psychylustro / Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse - psychylustro 1

Site 3 (Drama Wall) from the series of spray-painted landscapes titled Psychylustro, created mostly for the train riders traveling between New York and Washington, D.C, from Berlin-based visual artist Katharina Grosse.

Commisioned by the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Katharina Grosse - psychylustro 2

Katharina Grosse - psychylustro 3

Katharina Grosse - psychylustro

Katharina Grosse - psychylustro wall 3

Photos by Steve Weinik – via domus

Brick Lane Street Art I







Street art around Brick Lane in London. It is not anymore the edgiest area around and its currently heavily gentrified, but for the moment there is still some artistic expressiveness. At least until the developers take over.Pictures by WWT