Long Day / The Singing Head

Long Day by The Singing Head, a solo project by Greek composer / performer Aris Siafas. Track from the album All Day Dance and Play.
Video created by Haris La

Dj Khalab

Khalab_02Khalab_04 Khalab_03Imaginative illustrations + Sounds

WORD / Kool A.D.

Music video for Word by Kool A.D. aka artist / rapper Victor Vasquez, directed and animated by LA animator Teddy O’Connor. Character designs, backrounds and storyboards by Kool A.D.

NSFW – via stash

Why the f▼ck ? / DWNS†▲†Ξ

Sweet electronic warblings from the Greenlander DWNS†▲†Ξ (Downstate), The Drip Taper EP, Urban Waves Records, 2013.

Here’s The Testicles


The cover of Bollox To The Gonads – Here’s The Testicles, 1984, from Pax records, is just perfect for today’s anniversary.

Anatomical board of a speaker / Coralie Gourguechon

Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 1

Graphic design and basic electronics combined to turn a simple sheet of paper into a functioning speaker for educational use, by Toulouse-based product designer Coralie Gourguechon.

The speaker cone is detached from the sheet, and spreads out to form a mechanical amplification of the sound system, and the position of the cone is also an indicator of operation. When flat, the speaker is turned off, as the folding close the circuit, creating a switch system mecanically.


Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 2

Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 3

Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 4

Coralie Gourguechon paper speaker 5

Co-production ISDAT

Duet for Leaves & Turntable / Diego Stocco

Short musical phrases, records of rubbing leaves against a turntable, by composer and music sound designer Diego Stocco

via transparent cities

Find more on artist’s musical projects based on trees and other natural ingredients

on the roof / Billa Qause

Live MPC session based on funk songs by Greek DJ and producer Billa Qause of BQ beats and Beatquick, recorded in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Play (+ scroll) to hear some Alice Russel and Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings tracks sampled, chopped and performed in a unique way.
Film / edit by VBer