House A / Werner Maritsas

One of my favorite works, a tinny 34 sqm studio located next to Acropolis archeological park in Athens, featured by the amazing Kristen Dirksen of Faircompanies.

FORMcard / Peter Marigold

FORMcard is a very handy pocket sized card of strong, meltable bio-plastic that you can use again and again to make, fix or modify instantly everyday problems. Simply drop it in a cup of hot water..

Created by London based designer Peter Marigold 

The Emperor´s New Clothes

Accessories made of antique small pieces and human prosthetics, from the made to dislike Feeas series by Spanish designer Remedios Vincent.

Beautifully photographed by Pablo Martínez Muñiz , in collaboration with graphic designer Hector Orruño










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Rarities / Julio Falagan












Recycled old paintings found in street markets, modified by Spanish artist Julio Falagan


Salvaged negatives / Thomas Sauvin

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-2

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-08

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-07

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-09

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-1

Salvaged negatives reworked by Beijing based, French photography collector and editor Thomas Sauvin.

Backstay Hostel bar

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens

The lobby bar of Backstay Hostel, in Ghent, Belgium, upholstered with hundreds of wooden typesetting letters, designed by Nele Van Damme & Yannick Baeyen.

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens 3

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens 2

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Occasional Loveseat / Chris Held

Chris Held Occasional Loveseat

Occasional Loveseat by American artist Chris Held

previously: James Hopkins’ Love Seat

Colori e profumi del Mediterraneo / Sonia Bardella



Mosaic pieced quilt, titled Colori e profumi del Mediterraneo, made of approximately 24000 tiny squares snipped from old shirts, pillowcases and towels, by Italian patchwork artist Sonia Bardella.



Image by quiltinspiration from the In Full Bloom exhibition 2013 Houston.