Planet of the Humans

Directed and written by Jeff Gibbs, the Planet of Humans docu gives a clear view on most popular renewable energy misbeliefs and mankind’s near future. Produced by Michael Moore

House A / Werner Maritsas

One of my favorite works, a tinny 34 sqm studio located next to Acropolis archeological park in Athens, featured by the amazing Kristen Dirksen of Faircompanies.

FORMcard / Peter Marigold

FORMcard is a very handy pocket sized card of strong, meltable bio-plastic that you can use again and again to make, fix or modify instantly everyday problems. Simply drop it in a cup of hot water..

Created by London based designer Peter Marigold 

The Emperor´s New Clothes

Accessories made of antique small pieces and human prosthetics, from the made to dislike Feeas series by Spanish designer Remedios Vincent.

Beautifully photographed by Pablo Martínez Muñiz , in collaboration with graphic designer Hector Orruño










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Rarities / Julio Falagan












Recycled old paintings found in street markets, modified by Spanish artist Julio Falagan


Salvaged negatives / Thomas Sauvin

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-2

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-08

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-07

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-09

Thomas-Sauvin -Beijing-Silvermine-1

Salvaged negatives reworked by Beijing based, French photography collector and editor Thomas Sauvin.

Backstay Hostel bar

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens

The lobby bar of Backstay Hostel, in Ghent, Belgium, upholstered with hundreds of wooden typesetting letters, designed by Nele Van Damme & Yannick Baeyen.

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens 3

Backstay Hostel - Nele Van Damme  Yannick Baeyens 2

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Occasional Loveseat / Chris Held

Chris Held Occasional Loveseat

Occasional Loveseat by American artist Chris Held

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