Scales and Feathers

Paris photographers Milo Keller & Julien Gallico shot this series of photos to showcase experimental jewellery by Swiss luxury design firm Atelier XJC that references feathers, scales and large delicate ruffs. Found here.

dezeen_-11-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-10-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-14-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-15-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-16-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-12-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC

Maiko Takeda

Maiko Takeda 2 Maiko Takeda 1

Conceptual headpiece and bracelet by Japanese artist Maiko Takeda

previously: Joji Kojima

Wire / Maya Ben David

Maya Ben David wire 1

Maya Ben David wire 3 Maya Ben David wire 4 Maya Ben David wire 5 Maya Ben David wire 6

Aluminum sheets and flexible PVC wires, weaved together using traditional techniques from Rwanda, from the Wire project by Israeli designer Maya Ben David.

Gradient Bangles / Maiko Gubler

Maiko Gubler

maiko-gubler 2

Colored gypsum 3D prints from the series of wearable objects by visual artist Maiko Gubler.

Feeas / Remedios Vincent

Remedios Vincent feeas 2

Remedios Vincent feeas 1

Remedios Vincent feeas 2b

Remedios Vincent feeas 4 Remedios Vincent feeas 3

Remedios Vincent feeas 3b Remedios Vincent feeas 5

Accessories and objects made of antique small pieces, human prosthetics or broken porcelains from the Feeas series, by Spanish designer Remedios Vincent.

Belo Monte dam(n)

When the Portuguese arrived in the area which is now present-day Brazil, the American Indian population was over 5 million. European disease and other factors decimated the indigenous population reducing them to the thousands. The Kayapo are one of the Native American Indian groups that survived and have resisted assimilation by the European invaders.

These days thousands of the Kayapó tribe are forced out of their native land, since Brazil’s president, Dilma Vana Rousseff, has announced the ‘at any cost’ construction of the pharaonic Belo Monte (!) dam, on the Xingu River in the Amazon.

The world’s third-largest hydroelectric dam will be a global ecocide, as flooding  400,000 hectares of the world’s largest rainforest can libarate massive amounts of methane gas and destabilize tremendously river’s vast biodiversity.

Take action and support tribe’s unequal fight :

Chief Raoni Txucarramãe of Kayapó tribe web page.

Sign an online petition here.

Survival for Tribal People  

kayapo brazil

Ceremonial bracelets made by Kayapó tribe, buy here.

Cup As Ring / Sarah Kate Burgess

Sarah Kate Burgess cup-as-ring SetSarah Kate Burgess cup-as-ring Set2

Sarah Kate Burgess cup-as-ring Pink Sarah Kate Burgess Cup-as-Ring_paisley


Body ornaments made of found plastic or porcelain everyday objects, in this case tea cups, by jeweler Sarah Kate Burgess

Gemwoods / Ampersand studio

studio Ampersand. gemwoods_scatter_top studio Ampersand. gemwoods_teak1 studio Ampersand. gemwoods_walnut1 studio Ampersand. gemwoods_walnut2 studio Ampersand. gemwoods_maple1

studio Ampersand. gemwoods_knuckles

Handcrafted rings made from various hardwood off-cuts, designed by Cincinnati based studio Ampersand.