The Emperor´s New Clothes

Accessories made of antique small pieces and human prosthetics, from the made to dislike Feeas series by Spanish designer Remedios Vincent.

Beautifully photographed by Pablo Martínez Muñiz , in collaboration with graphic designer Hector Orruño










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Lucy Jenkins

brutalis_02brutalis_03 brutalis_01 mortalis_02

Pieces from East London based Lucy Jenkins‘ collections Brutalis and Mortalis.


Karl Fritsch 1

Karl Fritsch 742

Karl Fritsch 743

Karl Fritsch 740

Karl Fritsch 579

Silver rings by German jeweller Karl Fritsch, found at gallery Funaki

Warrior / Valentina Kova

Valentina Kova WARRIOR Collection fw13 neckpiece

Silver bracelet and rings from the Warrior FW13 collection, by Russian-born, New York based jeweler Valentina Kova.

Hlín Reykdal jewelry

Hlín Reykdal 2

Hlín Reykdal

Unique in color and shape, gorgeously elegant handmade necklaces by Reykjavik based jewelry designer Hlín Reykdal.

via Iceland design center

Snake rapier

19th century flexible sword 1

Silver steel flexible double bladed snake rapier, made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain. Sharply pointed steel blade: length 810 mm, width 20, thickness 7 mm.  Carved inscriptions: Fca de Toledo in 1846 and Acargo del Cuerno de Artilleria.  Made of steel, silver and brass.

19th century flexible sword 2

19th century flexible sword 6

19th century flexible sword 3

19th century flexible sword 4

Images found here

she has had it!



Scales and Feathers

Paris photographers Milo Keller & Julien Gallico shot this series of photos to showcase experimental jewellery by Swiss luxury design firm Atelier XJC that references feathers, scales and large delicate ruffs. Found here.

dezeen_-11-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-10-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-14-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-15-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-16-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-12-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC

Maiko Takeda

Maiko Takeda 2 Maiko Takeda 1

Conceptual headpiece and bracelet by Japanese artist Maiko Takeda

previously: Joji Kojima

Wire / Maya Ben David

Maya Ben David wire 1

Maya Ben David wire 3 Maya Ben David wire 4 Maya Ben David wire 5 Maya Ben David wire 6

Aluminum sheets and flexible PVC wires, weaved together using traditional techniques from Rwanda, from the Wire project by Israeli designer Maya Ben David.

Gradient Bangles / Maiko Gubler

Maiko Gubler

maiko-gubler 2

Colored gypsum 3D prints from the series of wearable objects by visual artist Maiko Gubler.

Feeas / Remedios Vincent

Remedios Vincent feeas 2

Remedios Vincent feeas 1

Remedios Vincent feeas 2b

Remedios Vincent feeas 4 Remedios Vincent feeas 3

Remedios Vincent feeas 3b Remedios Vincent feeas 5

Accessories and objects made of antique small pieces, human prosthetics or broken porcelains from the Feeas series, by Spanish designer Remedios Vincent.