Voice of Coffee / Yusuke Seki

The interior of a former barber shop turned into “Voice of Coffee” shop in Kobe, Japan by design studio Yusuke Seki

Almost all of the structural elements were left as they were found during the demolition process. As studio’s Mamie Nishida says: “We are not interested in using 100 per cent new materials…Our focus is on the coexistence of past and future in contemporary projects.”

Via Frame

Photos by Takumi Ota

Romboidale / Pietro Russo

Romboidale, room divider made of black painted iron and brushed brass crosspieces, with walnut shelves by Italian designer Pietro Russo

Pinterest HQ / IwamotoScott – Brereton

The interiors of the new four story Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco, created by design architects Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott in collaboration with Brereton architects

Photography by Bruce Damonte

Roar / Werner Maritsas







Eclectic vibe working space for Roar, a private financial advisory firm based in Athens, Greece, created by designer Werner Maritsas.

Photos by Ioanna Nikolareizi.

Libreria Conarte / Anagrama






Bookshop created inside ConArte, the council of culture and art in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, by architects Anagrama 

Photos Estudio Tampiquito. Found @ Frame

Design for a Rug / Anni Albers

Anni Albers, Design for Rug, 1927, Harvard

Design for a Rug created in 1927  by textile designer Anni Albers, found at Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum.

Casald / Ego Vitamina Creativa

Ego Vitamina Creativa -casald 02

Steel staircase with wood treads designed for the renovation of Casald by Italian studio Ego Vitamina Creativa, aka architects Marco Barbieri, Stefano Ambrogio and Simone Felice Zavattaro.

Equip / Sides Core

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 01

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 02

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 03

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 04

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 05

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 06

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 07

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 08

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 09

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 10

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 11

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 12

Equip Salon Osaka- Sides Core 15

Equip, a minimal hair and beauty salon designed to accommodate one client at a time, by Osaka-based design studio Sides Core, led by Sohei and Sumiko Arao.

Read more @ ignant

Images by Yoshiro Masuda

Puzzle tiles / Mutina


The Puzzle tiles series, use a “pattern that’s not really a pattern” giving the flexibility to make your own design, so that every wall or floor can be different. Designed by London based architects Jay Osgerby and Edward Barber for Mutina ceramics.

mutina-puzzle tiles 01


mutina-puzzle tiles 02


mutina-puzzle tiles 03






mutina-puzzle Ed_selection_Crazy_wall_


Read more @ frameweb


Tillandsia 2

Tillandsia 2b

Tillandsia 6

Tillandsia 6n

Tillandsia 7

Thigmotrope Perch and Thigmotrope Satellite, handmade steel air plant holders found at Flora Grubb Gardens web shop.

Monitor Swing Arm / Kent Frankovich






Laser cut plywood DIY monitor arm with spring in the middle and 5 degrees of freedom, meaning the monitor can be moved up-down (1) left-right (2) in-out (3) be tilted forward-back (4) and rotated left-right (5), mounted in Kent Frankovich‘s lab at Stanford and a smaller monitor arm for his home (last image).

Zen forest house

A beautiful handcrafted forest house in Oregon, USA, inspired by the traditional Japanese Minka homes, build from salvaged materials by Brian Schulz.

Video from Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies.