Reborn / Masaya Kushino

Images from Reborn,  an art piece created by Kyoto based shoe designer Masaya Kushino, for the NIPPON ZINE charity event in Tokyo, 2011.

No worldview faces / Dong Wensheng

Dong Wensheng 2

Brain Stone


Dong Wensheng 4

Hitting Five Mountains With One Punch


Dong Wensheng

Face Without Global Vision


Dong Wensheng 3b

Dong Wensheng 3

The Study of Mental Phenomenology 50×200 cm


Dong Wensheng 1


From the photographic project No worldview faces by Chinese artist Dong Wensheng


xmass collage artist Q-TA

by Japanese art director / collage artist Q-TA

Life is a Killer / John Giorno

John Giorno - Life is a killer

By American poet and performance artist John Giorno.

Missing one player / Ray Lei

Beautiful animation titled Missing one player by Beijing-based artist Ray Lei.

Greece / Cleon Peterson

cleon paterson - greece print 1

cleon paterson - greece print dtl

Black-figure print titled Greece by L.A. based artist Cleon Peterson.

The Battle of Carnival and Lent / Judith Schaechter

Judith Schaechter The Battle of Carnival and Lent 1


Judith Schaechter The Battle of Carnival and Lent 2


Judith Schaechter The Battle of Carnival and Lent 3


Judith Schaechter The Battle of Carnival and Lent 4

The Battle of Carnival and Lent, stained glass, by American artist Judith Schaechter.

Way Out / Yukai Du

Way Out, beautifully abstract graduation short on the modern virtual communication over-­‐dependence, by London based Chinese illustrator / animator Yukai Du. Music and sound design from Angus MacRae.


The Divide / Brent Sievers

The Divide, a dark short on humans and nature by American animator Brent Sievers.

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Adults Swimming / Rubber House

A hand-drawn spot, something to add to your fears of swimming, created by the Australian directing-duo Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon of Rubber House Studio.

Before they pass away / Jimmy Nelson

Before they pass away - Jimmy Nelson Samburu warriors

Kenya’s rapidly disappearing tribe of the Samburu people, from the series Before they pass away by British photographer Jimmy Nelson

Hiroshima Appeals

Yusaku Kamekura Hiroshima Appeals 1983

Butterflies burning in the flash of an atomic blast, the first poster from the series Hiroshima Appeals, designed in 1983 by Japanese master Yusaku Kamekura (1915-1997), from Takushoku University Arts Library.

The Hiroshima Appeals posters were produced annually from 1983 to 1990 by the Japan Graphic Design Association Inc, and the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation, Inc.

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