Tree Hand / David Rivera

Personal digital art project titled Tree Hand, by Colombian designer David Rivera

Timo Lenzen

sommer_ausgabe_ Timo Lenzen

Sundown poster for the Neuer Kunstverein Giessen


dream_ Timo Lenzen

Cover design for DREAM 3 by Max Richter for Secret 7 project


neighborhood_ Timo Lenzen

Shape Blank Poster for The North Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture


lucid_dreaming_ Timo Lenzen

Poster for Lucid Dreaming Records


stay_ Timo Lenzen

Poster for the event STAY at Robert Johnson


Posters and cover design by German graphic designer Timo Lenzen

A Wild Swan / Yuko Shimizu







Series of  black and white illustrations created by artist Yuko Shimizu, for the book A Wild Swan by author Michael Cunningham

Design for a Rug / Anni Albers

Anni Albers, Design for Rug, 1927, Harvard

Design for a Rug created in 1927  by textile designer Anni Albers, found at Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum.

Layla Holzer

Layla Holzer



Layla Holzer Question6


Layla Holzer CagedNature

Layla Holzer CagedNature dtl


Layla Holzer Question10


Layla Holzer Question8


Layla Holzer fear


Layla Holzer Puppeteer

Beautiful drawings created using ink and pastel pencils on paper by Cardiff based illustrator and puppeteer Layla Holzer

Your art is shit / Dylan Carter

Animation on insecurities and creativity by Texas based designer Dylan Carter.

Nerve / Paolo Ceric

Paolo Ceric_ nerve1

Paolo Ceric_ nerve2

Paolo Ceric_ nerve3


Digital interpretations of Egon Schiele’s drawings, titled Nerve by Zagreb based artist and illustrator Patakk aka Paolo Čerić.

Son of Man Redux / Erik Brisson

Erik Brisson dtl

Son of Man Redux series created by computer scientist, designer Erik Brisson, using computer programs written by the artist and inspired by Magritte’s famous painting.

Erik Brisson - Son of Man Redux var 2

Erik Brisson - Son of Man Redux var 4

Erik Brisson - Son of Man Redux var 6

Erik Brisson - Son of Man Redux var 19

Political portraits / Lola Dupre

Lola Dupre -David Cameron

David Cameron

Lola Dupre -Andreas Papandreou

Andreas Papandreou (commission)

Lola Dupre -Vile Vlad

Vile Vlad

Lola Dupre -Judge Griesa

Judge Griesa

Lola Dupre -Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres

Lola Dupre - H Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Lola Dupre -Sarkozy


Paper and scissors portraits by -one of WWT fav- collage artist and illustrator Lola Dupré

Urbanscapes / David McConochie

David McConochie - Wilderness 1

David McConochie - A letter from Calcutta

David McConochie - Canal Bank Collage Series 1a

David McConochie - Canal Bank Collage Series 1b

David McConochie - Canal Bank Collage Series 1c

David McConochie - Stratford Centre

David McConochie - Regents Canal by Bow

David McConochie - Wilderness 2

Mixed media illustrations by London -based artist David McConochie, via ArtMarket.