By street artist Carrie Reichardt for Nuart festival, 2017, Norway.

Primal Matter / Dimitris Papaioannou

A new seventeen minutes synopsis of the performance Primal Matter, documented live during the Athens Festival in 2013.  Throughout the work the two dancers struggle between matter and mind, creator and creation.

The performance was conceived, visualized and directed by Greek artist Dimitris Papaioannou
Performed by Dimitris Papaioannou and Michalis Theophanous

Filmed by Stefanos Sitaras

busted in the Middle Ages

Conception of Alexander the Great, Les faize d’Alexandre, Bruges ca. 1468-1475. British Library

The Conception of Alexander the Great, Les faize d’Alexandre, Bruges ca. 1468-1475. British Library


The Taymouth Hours, dtl 14thc -British Library

The Taymouth Hours, England 14thc. British Library


Roman de la Rose, France ca. 1380.BL

Roman de la Rose, France ca. 1380. British Library


Queen Mary Psalter, London 1310-1320 -British LibraryQueen Mary Psalter, London 1310-1320. British Library


Psalter, Oxford ca. 1200-1220. BLPsalter, Oxford ca. 1200-1220. British Library

Our selection of medieval sexuality, scans from Discarding images

Wythe hotel / Jean Jullien

jean jullien Wythe hotel

Window drawing at the Wythe hotel by London based graphic designer Jean Jullien

Two Serious Ladies


American author Jane Bowles with her long term Arab lover Cherifa -wearing chador- walking the streets of Tangier, Morocco, August 1967 (source).


Les mots de la carpe / Lucrèce Andreae

Graduation film on speed-dating encounters by French animator Lucrèce Andreae.


love&hate sweetness

call muze-apercuuuu rocket train words  burn after readin gIllustrations from Lyon-based artist Marion Fayolle

Life On The Half Shell / Charles Bukowski


Shibari / Jo Nagasaka

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 01

B&w rubber-coated foam seats, inspired from the art of Japanese bondage, also known as Shibari or Kinbaku, designed by Jo Nagasaka of Tokyo practice Schemata Architecture Office, for Ichiro Inc.

As stated by the architect, the Shibari series aim to generate different activities according to what we tie up and how we tie up.
Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 02

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 03

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 05

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 04

Shibari seats by Jo Nagasaka 06
Photos by Hirotaka Hashimoto – via spoon&tamago

too much selfies

too much selfies

Selfies collage found at w3pT tumblr

a world full of choises

Jordan Wolfson robotic sculpture

Jordan Wolfson animatronic sculpture

Jordan Wolfson @ David Zwirner gallery


Wall-mounted animatronic sculpture / full sized fishy witch blonde – robot dancer, created by New York-based artist Jordan Wolfson in collaboration with Spectral Motion studio.

Installation views and video from artist’s exhibition at David Zwirner gallery.

via prosthetic knowledge

Ninety percent gay












Ninety percent gay from the web comic series Fredo & Pid’jin by Romanian duo Eugen Erhan and Tudor Muscalu.